Research and Intelligence

We don’t just watch the news. We make the news.

Authoritative voices powered by world class primary academic research and active business intelligence systems

Our voice carries. It gets noticed. It disrupts. It elevates conversations others fear or are compromised by.

When you have a voice that others do not, you have a responsibility to use it for good. Deilight champions change through an informed voice that represents everyone. We know more, because we listen more.

When we Speak Up, we speak with conviction

Humanity's understanding of oppression and inequity is evolving quickly, with many struggling to keep up. But not us. That's because when you're speaking on behalf of those without a voice, they can't afford for you to make a mistake.

Our Business Intelligence (BI) function is the brain behind the uniquely comprehensive understanding of corporate oppressive systems, impacts and solutions that underpins our world leading authority on driving financial performance through difference. It includes the world’s largest private network of active banking whistleblowers, plus unique institutional knowledge borne from our experience A) leading international businesses and coordinating employee networks, B) conducting psychological research, C) supporting welfare programs, and D) the complex diversity, experiences, and intersectionality of our people.

Now we're extending these services commercially, to help bring the heroes of the world the intelligence, empathy, confidence and cheerleadership they need to effectively tackle oppression and inequity, and boost the prospects of all marginalised people around the world.

How we can help you

Academic Research

Academic Research

Partnering with leading academic institutions, we output rich, quality, primary research that leverages our expertise in corporate oppressive systems and cultural transformation to advance the conversation at a global level.

Research currently in development includes:

  • Project Listen Up: The successor to Project Speak Up will run throughout Q4 2022 and centres the nature, consequences and solutions to ineffective financial sector leadership that does not value difference.

  • The Risky Business Report: An annual publication that examines and compares how individual banks are performing on inclusion.



Based on our research, we continuously release free quality content for business leaders, change makers, HR and D&I practitioners, human rights advocates and social justice allies.

Free from spin, devoid of keywords and with acronyms banished, we publish all insights via our 'What we think' blog.

Easy-to-understand, fact-driven, science-based, love-spreading humanism that helps people drive meaningful change faster, signposts our true identity, elevates our allies, amplifies our progressive voice and extends our own ability to drive progress.

Content categories include videos, podcasts, articles, research reports, factsheets, guides, publications and memes.

Activated Intelligence

Activated Intelligence

We're working on ways to better identify the walkers from the talkers, and hold active law-breakers within the world's largest firms to account as we are made aware of them, whilst also helping to locate and amplify remarkable diverse talent, through initiatives like awards, certifications, licensing and accreditation schemes.


Victim and Whistleblower Support

Recognising the lack of regulatory support, punitive systemic risks facing Whistleblowers, plus in the UK an absence of any financial incentive, it's no wonder so few people will ever report illegal activity at their firms.  We provide free advice, support and risk reduction services to our network of over 200 active whistleblowers who regularly share their insights into oppression from within many of the world's largest banks and firms.

Victim and Whistleblower Support

Responsibility taken seriously

We were born because we spoke up in truth.

People trust us because we speak for humanity. Our intelligence, empathy and confidence gives us influence - legitimate authority. 

We think that’s correct.

But not everyone agrees with us.

By sewing division and spreading untruths, others have succeeded in gaining power through illegitimate control.

We don’t think that’s correct. 

Fancy a Collab? 

Content can feature, reference, advertise, and/or be commissioned by, with or for our strategic clients or industry partners.  All paid promotions are labelled as such.

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But more often, we provide these services in our own name for when we just want to say something we know that people should probably know too.  

We share because we care.

Our video content

Words mean little when our actions paint such clear pictures. That's why when it comes to understanding nuanced elements of the difficult conversation we’re trying to start, sometimes a video tells a thousand pictures.

The 'DEI in the Life' Podcast

The 'DEI in the Life' Podcast

Inspiring individuals from broad backgrounds share authentic accounts of life's lessons.

Our flagship output goes live September 2022, with season 1 episodes broadcasting bi-weekly.

Partner Podcasts

Partner Podcasts

We advocate and amplify the work of our partners network through co-branded content.

Available now via our blog, including: Lead5050, The Smart Connector and The Leadership Enigma.

Thought of the DEI

Thought of the DEI

Cut through the noise to hear directly from our CEO on what we're up to and thinking about.

Currently in development.

Ready when you are

We're making business more intelligent... Fancy a collab?

We're always on the lookout for Publishing and Research Partners who can share their uniqueness and wisdom to help make our research and content better. Adding your own perspectives builds a more complete picture and covers our blind spots so we don’t let anyone down. For any work featuring our partners, we link to your website, driving up your SEO and cross-pollinating our networks with good people who create change. Just leave us a few words about who you are and what you propose, then a decision maker will get back to you shortly.

Free confidential help for whistleblowers and victims

You are not alone

Our Whistleblower and Victim support services

Given our origins, people know they can trust us and frequently reach out with heart-wrenching stories of hardship born out of oppression. Some of those who speak with us are so broken they may be considering ending their lives. This unique relationship we hold with the people of Earth and their stories gives us valuable insights into the mechanics of oppression around the world and across industries, allowing us to offer our commercial clients the best advice and support on becoming better. In return for this trust and bravery, we are committed to helping those who get in touch resolve their challenges by amplifying their voices whilst shielding their identity.

We're listening, even if they are not

People without privilege often struggle to locate and access the support they need to resolve challenges at home or at work. Our consultants provide pro bono encrypted 30-minute 1-to-1 listening and guidance sessions for victims of discrimination. They will also follow-up on any identified further support needs you may agree during the call. These may include:

  • Referring you to dedicated support providers relevant to your circumstances

  • Supporting law enforcement or regulatory investigations you may be involved in

  • Compiling authoritative reports and/or recommendations based on your experiences for your use.

  • Letter or email drafting support for you to use with employers/3rd parties

  • Writing to or speaking with employers/3rd parties on your behalf

Later on, they'll check in on you every now and then, to make sure you're safe and healing.

Ensuring your safety through confidentiality

Our network includes over 200 active whistleblowers who regularly share their insights into oppression from within many of the world's largest banks and firms. And yet we have never once disclosed the identity of a single victims name in our dealings with firms and regulators. Our reputation for trust and our mission to heal the world depends on our ability to keep our network safe from harm through absolute discretion.

So we always make the following commitments to anyone who contacts us:

  • We cannot and will not disclose if we work with your employer or an involved 3rd party relevant to your situation

  • Without your explicit written consent and request, we will never disclose your name, the nature of our discussions or information/documents you may share with us externally.

  • If you would like us to disclose aspects of your situation, for example, in order to facilitate change at your firm or to alert law enforcement services, we will agree with you first specifically whom, when and how that disclosure will take place.

  • If we are legally required to break any of these rules, for example, if subpoenaed by a court, we will alert you of this requirement providing it does not breach any laws or rules regarding 'tipping off'.

We too are only human

We aren't lawyers

While we may be able to share high level guidance on legal aspects relevant to your situation, we do not and cannot offer legal advice. So we always recommend victims of discrimination seek out independent legal advice as soon as possible.

If you are struggling to locate or access legal services, we may be able to recommend providers with suitable expertise relevant to your situation. We can also assist you in applying for and obtaining funding relief for legal support, if applicable.

We aren't a charity

While we try to turn nobody away, we aren't resourced or funded to support this non-commercial activity at scale. 

You are likely to be best served individually through a dedicated free Victim Support charity.

We want to make our services more accessible

Currently we only offer English language victim support, though adding multi-lingual support and expanding non-verbal support is something we are looking at within our future plans.

Use the chat function or email us at to access non-verbal whistleblower and victim support.

Listening, guidance, referral and remediation victim support

Sharing your experiences helps us become better and helps you speak up safer

Comprehensive help for victims of crime in England and Wales

Independent, free, confidential help for victims

Thinking of Whistleblowing?

You are not alone

If you've seen something wrong at your organisation and want to Speak Up, we will help you - you are not alone. But people without privilege often struggle to have their voice heard even when they're correct and acting in the public interest. Through our origins, we are among the world leaders in Speak Up systems and counter-measuring Corporate Oppressive Systems. Our track record of never disclosing a source proves we can be trusted. Just let us know how to contact you and what you'd like to be called here (it doesn't have to be your real name). A Consultant with direct whistleblowing experience will contact you via an encrypted service to arrange an unrecorded discussion and understand how we can help both your organisation and you survive and thrive.