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Then help us stand out, gift us your uniqueness and become Deilightful. Here you can learn what life at Deilight is like and search our latest role postings.

Culture Fit or Supplemental Fit, we don't have a type!

But if we did, it would be quirky, memorable people with a difference. People who stand out and shine because of their uniqueness, not despite it. Providing you support our goals and values, all are welcome through Deilight's doors.

Our commitment to fair and objective hiring

Ensuring a fair grading system free of bias is central to what we’re trying to achieve:

  • Each scored interview has a minimum 'four-eyes' policy

  • We target multiple protected characteristics between our paired Interviewer duos.

  • Scores are quantitative and qualitative, with categorical definitions that cannot be manipulated intentionally or unintentionally.

  • All our interviewers have received bias reduction training.

  • Until a unanimous and defendable hiring decision is reached, we may add additional selection steps to look closer at the uniqueness of any divisive candidates.

Neurodiverse or Disabled? We've got you covered...

If your diversity makes it likely you’ll require extra interview time, assistive communication technology or something else to help you perform at your best, please let us know and we will be deilighted to come up with accommodations as special as you are.

Current vacancies

Our fast growing, commercially minded startup Culture Transformation practice, social enterprise and DE&I thinktank needs top talent from all walks all life. Finally, it's time a DE&I consultancy walked the walk and practiced what it preached. Change is coming and it starts with us. Are you a change maker? Then come join our family and enrich us with your uniqueness.

Product Specialist RG5

Product Specialist RG5

We’re looking for a Product Specialist with a difference. Know anyone special?

You’ll be front and centre in ensuring we fulfill our founding commitment to only deliver world-class products, plus you’ll play a critical role in forming our firms identity as we transform from an unknown commodity into a world leading authority on driving cultural change in the UK and beyond.

  • £25k initial salary (Target £35k) with Top-Up Pay Scheme

  • Permanent Contract (w. 12mnth Probation)

  • Then, 1% share equity and Head of Product promotion

  • Uncapped performance related bonus plus full benefits

Deity Counsellor RGNA

Deity Counsellor RGNA

In search of wise, empathetic, open minded strategic advisors to help us stay true to our mission and values.

Join our panel of 4/5 official independent company strategic advisors. They A) hold our leaders decisions, ideas and behaviour accountable while B) provide adequate challenge upon our strategy and C) give us contingency capacity plus a senior talent pipeline.

  • Help us become better

  • Non remunerated (expenses only)

  • 3-5hrs p/month plus special projects (optional)

  • Reference eligible