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Messages of support from white colleagues

“I stand in solidarity. I share your frustrations. I recently asked for [great idea] after losing some top black talent to a Fintech earlier this year but sadly this is proving difficult to obtain. Happy to bounce ideas on how we can further turn the tide."

"By way of introduction I am [a UK D&I leader]. I have been championing the race agenda for years. I’m keen to help and find your report very interesting, with good ideas that could if implemented properly create positive change."

"Incredibly brave and beautifully written. I’m honored you included me so I was able to see all of the work you put into this. If you need anything at all, please let me know. Any support I can give is yours. Thank you for all that you do."

"I saw your recent Bloomberg article. Progress is key and I’m interested in what I can do to help from where I am. Keep up the great work and reach out if you ever need anything."

"I really don’t know what to say except I am so sorry this bigotry still is so prevalent in the world, let alone our place of work. I thought the events of last year might put things on a different course, but your interviews make it clear we still have a long way to go. I hope that you plan to stay here and try to make this a better place, however difficult that may be."

"Incredibly important work you’re doing, full of admiration for you and the responsibility you’ve put on yourself to drive the change we all recognise is needed. Please do let me know if I can be helpful in any way."

"I have so much respect. The way you have put everything together and laid it out is quite incredible. Well done and I really hope you get a positive, progressive reply and then some action and commitment. Always here, and I’m going to reflect on what else I can do to be an ally."

Messages of support from POC colleagues

“Thank you for all your hard work and determination to make this a better place to work! You are very much appreciated!”

“That was super brave – incredibly courageous. You took a gamble because you care and used some of your privilege to stand up for those who don’t have a voice. That’s incredible.”

“You did an excellent job, professional and honest. It will ruffle feathers, we aren’t meant to speak truth. You stepped out in faith and with courage to advocate for change. Whatever the outcome your efforts are appreciated.”

“Like many of us in the bank and the industry, and being proud of my Latin American roots and Afro-Caribbean ethnicity, I was very glad to see someone having the courage to do something tangible to highlight our experience. Kudos again for you courage and for giving everyone you spoke to, and those who can relate a voice.“

“Wow, what a report! Several things resonated with me. Let me know the responses you get! And let me know if any ideas on how, from a GLCM standpoint, I can help.”

“If ever required I am happy to provide my own experiences as a black graduate on the [my
department] programme. When I left GLCM I thought it wasn’t for me but after recent events I realise that probably the problem wasn’t me.”

“I’ve moved on from [my division] but this is very encouraging to see. We’ve all have been through something there and we need more people like you to have the courage to drive this and speak up!”

“Thanks for taking the time to put this together and having the courage to press send on the email. I will be reviewing the deck with a few colleagues in the UK.”

Messages from other banks and companies

“I’ve spent my career working below my intrinsic grade because of my ethnicity. [A banks] ABI network would love to work together with you - and if willing – your firm to tackle this issue across the industry.”

“I’m [a banks] Global Account Director at a vendor providing the bank research and insights services. Your message is important and I hope your efforts will be a catalyst for change.”

“I’m an Executive Director at [a bank]. You are simply an inspiration. Thousands in the industry suffer and just keep it to themselves and continue accepting all kinds of discrimination. What a brave thing to do.”

“I manage D&I events for large multinationals. I love your bravery. I really hope change comes, we are counting on people taking a stand as you have done.”

Messages from ex-colleagues

“Respect for doing what many of us wish we did.”

“I love your courage and commitment - I am inspired. I love it and applaud you, your choice to stand and fight [while] I chose to leave. I will support in any way I can.”

“I totally respect and appreciate you. Thank you for what you are doing. I only wish I would have stayed there with you to fight the good fight instead of taking the door.”

“I’m on a high about this, it means so much to so many of us. I hope it finally moves the needle. Our [a bank] California office lost many good people (including me) because of this mess. If you need witnesses for any legal action, I am ready.”

“Bullying and intimidation were rife at [a bank], especially in [my team]. The most toxic place I’ve ever worked, I still suffer from the mental scars it inflicted today. The only positive I took from it was meeting so many awesome people – people like you.”

Message from a supporter

Ian, you are so amazing and should be so proud that you are creating actionable change.

As a privileged cis-white gay man, I respect you and so many so much. I grew up in a world in Kansas that needs to still be completely turned upside down. I'm happy to be in NYC but there's so much work to do. When I chat with my mom back in Kansas (a white woman in leadership at a tech healthcare company), I constantly remind her of how much work her company has to do to include, promote and elevate those beyond their 50+ white heteronormative male leadership board. She's finally seeing the importance of it and bringing it up and making them aware! She's also realizing how when looking at another future company, to keep this in mind when looking at their leadership.

It all starts somewhere and I often think of you as my inspiration. Someday I hope we meet - whether in London or NYC - so I can thank you in person. You are an amazing human, keep making a difference!