Message from a supporter

Ian, you are so amazing and should be so proud that you are creating actionable change.

As a privileged cis-white gay man, I respect you and so many so much. I grew up in a world in Kansas that needs to still be completely turned upside down. I'm happy to be in NYC but there's so much work to do. When I chat with my mom back in Kansas (a white woman in leadership at a tech healthcare company), I constantly remind her of how much work her company has to do to include, promote and elevate those beyond their 50+ white heteronormative male leadership board. She's finally seeing the importance of it and bringing it up and making them aware! She's also realizing how when looking at another future company, to keep this in mind when looking at their leadership.

It all starts somewhere and I often think of you as my inspiration. Someday I hope we meet - whether in London or NYC - so I can thank you in person. You are an amazing human, keep making a difference!


Company: Veterinary Innovative Partners
Sector: Healthcare
City: New York, NY
Country: United States of America