Messages from ex-colleagues

“Respect for doing what many of us wish we did.”

“I love your courage and commitment - I am inspired. I love it and applaud you, your choice to stand and fight [while] I chose to leave. I will support in any way I can.”

“I totally respect and appreciate you. Thank you for what you are doing. I only wish I would have stayed there with you to fight the good fight instead of taking the door.”

“I’m on a high about this, it means so much to so many of us. I hope it finally moves the needle. Our [a bank] California office lost many good people (including me) because of this mess. If you need witnesses for any legal action, I am ready.”

“Bullying and intimidation were rife at [a bank], especially in [my team]. The most toxic place I’ve ever worked, I still suffer from the mental scars it inflicted today. The only positive I took from it was meeting so many awesome people – people like you.”


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