Messages of support from POC colleagues

“Thank you for all your hard work and determination to make this a better place to work! You are very much appreciated!”

“That was super brave – incredibly courageous. You took a gamble because you care and used some of your privilege to stand up for those who don’t have a voice. That’s incredible.”

“You did an excellent job, professional and honest. It will ruffle feathers, we aren’t meant to speak truth. You stepped out in faith and with courage to advocate for change. Whatever the outcome your efforts are appreciated.”

“Like many of us in the bank and the industry, and being proud of my Latin American roots and Afro-Caribbean ethnicity, I was very glad to see someone having the courage to do something tangible to highlight our experience. Kudos again for you courage and for giving everyone you spoke to, and those who can relate a voice.“

“Wow, what a report! Several things resonated with me. Let me know the responses you get! And let me know if any ideas on how, from a GLCM standpoint, I can help.”

“If ever required I am happy to provide my own experiences as a black graduate on the [my
department] programme. When I left GLCM I thought it wasn’t for me but after recent events I realise that probably the problem wasn’t me.”

“I’ve moved on from [my division] but this is very encouraging to see. We’ve all have been through something there and we need more people like you to have the courage to drive this and speak up!”

“Thanks for taking the time to put this together and having the courage to press send on the email. I will be reviewing the deck with a few colleagues in the UK.”


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