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Nobody achieves success alone. The world is full of incredible people who love and care for all peoples, not just their own. But too often impact & resources are wasted through duplication, secrecy or the prioritisation of profit. We only deliver world-class services. For everything else, we recommend, champion and share with our best-in-class strategic partners.

We prefer to procure from and work with a core cohort of strategic partners aligned on mutual support, shared values and common goals.

We’re inviting suppliers and allies we admire to join our community of champions and trailblazers. People who’ll proudly display our logo on their websites or honestly tell us how we can gain that honour. People who appreciate forms of payment other than money alone.

Understand that we are A) a start-up with limited financial resources, B) a social enterprise committed to improving the world and C) a change agent like no other focused on our goal.

Everyone is unique. Differences enrich humanity. But we can still agree on the things that matter.

The latest news about our partnerships and from our partners

Becoming Deilightful

We don’t discriminate. So anyone can join our partnership network for free - even competitors - providing they meet these three qualifying points:

  1. Exhibit a genuine desire and/or meaningful active steps towards a more sustainable future for Earth and the people of Earth.

  2. Share our belief that all human life matters equally, rather than only seeking privilege for your own ingroup(s).

  3. Demonstrate consistent alignment to our 4 behavioural core values.

Free benefits for our partners

We help ourselves by helping others

We train your team to succeed

We train your team to succeed

Turbo charge your talent with free workshops for your team

Regular free quarterly sessions for allies, or dedicated sessions integrated into your own training initiatives.

12hrs p/yr fair usage policy

We enhance your distribution

We enhance your distribution

World-class products that create meaningful change from our family

We collaborate with aligned market leaders to subcontract, refer or co-deliver non-core services in support of our clients needs. Nobody sells like we can. So let's shift your product.

We amplify your brand

We amplify your brand

We are cheerleaders and advocates for the trail blazers of change

We retweet/repost your best content, collaborate on content, invite you on our podcast, proudly display your logo and link your website to help drive your SEO.

We recognise your success

We recognise your success

Smile! We see and appreciate our partners work through nominations

Each year we nominate 5 strategic partners in areas of excellence for special recognition across major award shows and share our positive experiences through Google Reviews.

We've got your back

We've got your back

DE&I Phone-A-Friend means you're never alone in tricky situations

On demand support from our diverse consultants, to make guilt/ judgment free mistakes, discuss people matters, DE&I or consider client issues.

12hr p/yr fair usage policy

Thinking of partnering with us?

We want to work with and learn from good organisations that care about more than just money

In a few words, let us know what you had in mind and confirm you meet our partnership criteria. Then one of our decision makers will get back to you shortly with an introduction.