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Our promise: Training Reimagined

Authentic, actionable, adaptable and unique employee education

Our trainers have trained leading teams for success for years. We draw on the many real-life, inspiring and motivating stories from our direct research and pioneering efforts on the world stage to only deliver training that's world class. So confident are we that we made training quality assurance a guaranteed promise:

  • Free refund of all training consultancy fees on our first time invoice if you are less than satisfied

  • Free sampler workshops for all corporates considering us as long term training partners

  • Free periodic personal improvement workshops for allies and partner staff

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Our training catalogue

Our Training is a Deilicious blend of theory, practice, psychology, history, philosophy and love.

Select from our 13 leading-edge training courses, customize your own using our 250-page content library or let us commission new original content that's tailored to your current and targeted organisational culture.

The Essentials

The Essentials

Foundational DE&I and workplace training that everyone needs to know but doesn’t yet. And they still carry our brand promise of being authentic, actionable, adaptable and unique.

  • Safe Spaces

  • Uncomfortable Conversations

  • Challenging Choices

  • Purposeful People

  • Potential Reachers


Trail Blazers

Free from supernaturalism, informed by science, inspired by art, motivated by compassion and delivered with passion. We put people at the heart of your business to unlock untapped human operating capacity and realise your team's full potential.

  • Humanism

  • Conscious Inclusion

  • Great Souls Act Authentically

  • Critical Race Theory

  • The Human Experience

Trail Blazers
Game Changers

Game Changers

You won’t find these cutting-edge Human-Centred Leadership, Risk Management and Strategic Performance courses anywhere else.  Unlock our secrets to success for firms that truly want to innovate, differentiate, and thrive through sector busting performance.

  • Listening Leaders

  • Deeds, not Words

  • Who Are You Really?

  • We Have A Whistleblower!

  • Better Networks

Our blended technique

Our training workshops and courses can be delivered standalone or incorporated into broader corporate in-house or 3rd party provided training programmes. The effectiveness of our style comes from the unique combination of 3 training paradigms.

Person Centred

Person Centred

Our approach affects the thought process and delivers lasting change in the way we approach day-to-day activities via tailoring and motivation.

The theory incorporates 4 key areas:

1. Personalised to goals & experience

2. Enabling teams with responsibility

3. Respect for all individuals

4. Confidential coordination in a psychologically safe space to share 

We mix our professional knowledge with personal knowledge from course participants, adapting and shaping course content in real-time as it’s delivered to fit individual needs and areas of interest.

Action Learning

Action Learning

Training can’t just be interesting, that doesn’t drive change. It needs to be both useful in and relevant to our daily lives, constantly pointing back to the commercial incentives for action.

Through our method, we incorporate the individual needs, knowledge and challenges of learners and their businesses, emphasising:

1. Collective problem solving

2. Shared individual insights

3. Peer group support and feedback 

4. Active listening skills development

5. Constructive communal challenge around pre-existing assumptions  

Story Telling

Story Telling

So often, training is too abstract from real-life, with overly elaborate, mundane or contrived situations that attempt to demonstrate important complex concepts.

Persuasion is the centrepiece of business activity, and while firms spend plenty of time persuading customers to buy products, they often focus too little on persuading teams to buy into their core values and strategy.

Our training is anchored in our real-world personal experiences of and research in psychology and oppression. We apply that theory to bring to life content that can speak to everyone. So often we don’t even talk about what’s on the slides.

Some of our happy customers

“Just organised my first workshop with the team at Deilight. Top quality service and a really experienced facilitator for the day. We tackled some important/weighty topics: what is means to be human, identity, the power of bias and how to Speak Up effectively and I am really glad we drafted in a team of this calibre to do them justice. Thanks to Ian & his team!”
"Ian is a shining example of the progress in our industry and offers unique insights on the dialogue around Diversity & Inclusion and representation in finance."
“Ian reminds us all what is to be human, and the damage done by narrow perspectives."

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