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Difficult discussions...

Today, poorly handled workplace conversations about complex human differences by those without lived experience of intersectional oppression are causing more harm than good.

Ubiquitously white-, cis-, heterosexual and/or male-hosted workplace discussions, events and videos that preach 'how diverse and inclusive we are' dilute the message, generate confusion and foster ambivalence. Just like how the ubiquitous HR and DE&I Heads that fill panels and keynotes all share similar backgrounds, perspectives and restrictions on criticising their firms, impairing Adequate Challenge, stifling meaningful change and financial return on DE&I. Success can only come from practicing what we preach. It's time to open up our DE&I conversations to more diverse, specialised and unencumbered thought leaders.

...are our rocket fuel for change

Our Public Speakers aren’t just trained to captivate an audience. Their stories elevate important but challenging conversations beyond the confines of our individual interests and those of our firms, but to all of humanity. Not just for International Women's Day, Pride Month, Black History Month, Transgender Day of Visibility or Disability History Month, but any day and all days.

We help create memorable, impactful events that advance the conversation by providing unique people with unusual perspectives and extraordinary stories underpinned with authority that can represent everyone. Authority that comes from deep knowledge, broad experiences and an ability to Deilight any room, any conversation with multi-sector expertise and authentic likeability.

If you're ready to advance your uncomfortable conversations into action territory, contact us to get started.

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"A fabulous interview, Ian Clarke you are such an inspiration."
"Ian Clarke, you are such an inspiration!"
“Ian reminds us all what is to be human, and the damage done by narrow perspectives."

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