Drive change by fostering unity and building a common identity

Some talk the talk on D&I. We ensure you walk the walk instead.

Turn events, speeches, meetings, documentaries, promotional content and articles into compelling, impactful change events. Resounding applause guaranteed or your money back.

Uncomfortable conversations...

Dreadful Leaders hide their weaknesses whilst ensuring complex conversations on human differences are handled poorly by those without intrinsic uniqueness nor lived experience of oppression.

Today, corporate yes-men preach with words the importance of D&I whilst proving through behaviour their inability to authentically lead. Tactility working together through dispassion, labels, ego, ignorance and dishonesty, Dreadfully they:

  • Foster ambivalence and confusion

  • Undermine legitimacy of their own leadership

  • Impair adequate challenge on strategic decisions

  • Fuel inequity, ignorance and fear

  • Erode financial value and destroy brands

  • Dilute the message, cause harm and prevent change

...Drive change

Deilightful Leaders play to their strengths and admit their weaknesses. For them, we willing lend our unique, authentic people who didn't just learn this. They live it. That's why they're Deilightful.

Our Change Makers unite all people and transform any culture with highly resonant messaging across all forms of communication and interaction, to deliver maximum impact towards your targeted change state. Deilightfully they:

  • Speak with confidence and charisma to any one, any where

  • Deliver through Human story-telling, science, data and reality

  • Draw on multi-disciplinary knowledge and Wisdom

  • Build out a common Identity and collective sense of Purpose

  • Drive meaningful change using the science of Sapience

Don't just take it from us. Take it from them

"A fabulous interview, Ian Clarke you are such an inspiration."
"Ian Clarke, you are such an inspiration!"
“Ian reminds us all what is to be human, and the damage done by narrow perspectives."

Elevate: For the next generation

Support for Schools and Colleges

Its important to our people and strategy that we work closely with schools and the next generation to help drive more meaningful change. Our 'Elevate' philanthropic unit provides educators with the best of our Deilightful services for a fraction of our corporate rate. Drive change through:

  • Assemblies, classes and workshops on Humanism

  • Linguistic excellence on complex Human subjects and traits

  • Confidence amongst faculty staff on syllabus change

  • Safe spaces such as Staff Groups and Pupil Networks

  • Official communications using tone of voice to unite not divide

Being authentic, we go beyond the boardroom

Ian was absolutely incredible as a guest speaker in our school. He delivered such an empowering speech to the students and stayed behind afterwards to go through our history and PSHE curriculum to ensure diversify and inclusion. His hard work and dedication were incredible and we can't wait to welcome him back to our school!
Ian delivered an amazing key note speech at our awards ceremony last week. As an alumni of WCGS it was wonderful to welcome him back. How he was able to connect with students who perhaps don't feel they fit was inspirational. We can't wait to welcome him back.

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