Deilight appoints new Director of Advisory Group to lead its most strategic product group

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Last updated: September 3rd, 2022

Deilight appoints new Director of Advisory Group to lead its most strategic product group

Deilight Consulting is proud to announce that it has appointed Taiwo Oyekan to its Board of Directors, to lead our Assessment and Advisory group.

"Make no mistake, Taiwo is no diversity hire", said Maria Lambides, fellow Director and Head of Deilight's Research Group. "At Deilight, internationally acclaimed, proven intersectional female talent is responsible for the most commercial division of our firm. Despite exiting medical school to become a single mum, Taiwo never gave up on her determination to make a difference. She embodies how darkness sparks the brightest light and how just any human, acting differently, has the potential to lead through change."

"I'm thrilled to be a part of Deilight's change catalysts, leading the advisory arm within an organisation set on a course to truly transform the world, one deilightful step at a time", announced Taiwo, now as an official company spokesperson. Practicing what we preach, her appointment brings Deilight's company board count to 3 intersectional directors, each with unique flaws, special skills, rare experiences, stand out career paths, unusual ideas, broader perspectives, diverse networks and incredible achievements.

Confirming the appointment, Founder Ian Clarke added "whilst her former employer may not have been able to fully see her potential, we think differently. We see a powerful, capable and extraordinary leader who single-handedly drove meaningful change beyond her organisation and across our world's most oppressive sector helping to bring together trail blazers for change whilst improving - and in some cases building from the ground up - staff networks within her own firm. I am honoured and thankful every day that such a highly qualified, successful community and business leader specialised in major institutional transformation can see and help us reach our own potential. Taiwo's supplemental fit will help take both our culture and commercial prospects to new heights as we work together to build out the world's most exciting new D&I consultancy together."

Who is Taiwo Oyekan?

A self-taught 1st class HR graduate mastering in Major Programme Management, her sparkling career includes senior leadership and transformation roles across major international organisations like Head of Culture & Communication, Co-Chair London Gender Network and Co-Founder Global Black Professionals Network.

Formerly one of the most senior black female executives within the Global Financial Crime unit at NatWest Group – a unit accounting for 14% of its global workforce – Taiwo’s many commercial specialisms include Regulatory Compliance, Business Transformation and Financial Sector Leadership.

A well-liked and recognisable figure across the City’s diverse business community, she played a formative role in establishing a number of successful staff networks for marginalized employees in the wake of the murder of George Floyd.  Despite her many obligations in and out of work, Taiwo is focused on clearing a path so other intersectional women can rise.

What does our Advisory Group do?

Our Advisory division (including Assessments & Advisory services, plus Change and Crisis Management) is the strategic commercial transformation unit within Deilight's business, helping organisations large and small change strategically and lucratively through the power of human uniqueness.

It’s here that we apply our world leading authority on driving financial performance through difference, to reward our clients becoming better.  We help clients measure what they treasure through sharing our wisdom, empathy and access to stand-out tools - including the world's first D&I app - to help them understand the staff engagement and diversity landscape of their workforce and make more informed strategic decisions about how to become more inclusive and equitable.

Our people didn't learn this, they live it. The unique diversity, perspectives, intersectionality, experiences and skills of our people help us see and understand more to strip out risky, costly oppression and discriminatory systems, replacing them with lucrative, productive, marketable meritocracy that celebrates the best of humanity. We illuminate places where top talent from all walks of life can thrive in safe collaboration and a shared sense of belonging to bring creative ideas and broader perspectives.

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