Human Potential: 4 small steps stand between you and success

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Last updated: November 8th, 2022

Human Potential: 4 small steps stand between you and success

Human Lifecycles

There are two measures to the lifecycle of a Human Being:

  1. The first is Time - an extrinsic, linear construct running from birth, childhood, youth, adulthood, old age to death all too quickly, in about 88 years on average. Today, Average Life Expectancy is micro-measured and managed as a barometer for the performance of the world's health systems and overall standard of living but beyond that, it carries very little differentiating value and we have very little control over it.

  2. The second is Potential - an intrinsic, cyclic construct that is gifted to us at full capacity upon birth and is ours to grow, maintain, waste or - most commonly - have taken from us. Despite rarely being measured in any way, either individually or at a societal level, it's from this second measure that we begin to be able to differentiate meaningful value - what we have achieved versus our purpose and goals - and nurturing it is a key defining factor in Human happiness.

That's not to say the best person we can be is who we are when we are born and it's all downhill from there. Rather, our identity, brain, skills, connections, perceptions and experiences continue to evolve in all directions throughout our life and thus too does the limit of our Potential. And though the impacts of our legacy may continue to be felt long after we're gone, the only certain constant is that our potential crystallises the day we breathe our last breath.

The (real) keys to success

The founder of Humanistic Psychology, Abraham Maslow incepted the Human Potential movement in the 1960's, establishing through his research that without certain essential and sequential support being in place, no Human may begin to transcend their unique journey towards Self-Actualisation and become the best person they can possibly be.

Every respect to him for pioneering my new profession of choice, but with regret Maslow got it completely wrong with his Hierarchy of Needs, as he omitted the three most pivotal drivers to Human Value, and the only ones that fall within our control:

  • Our Uniqueness is the extent to which we can differentiate value in ourselves from those around us

  • Our Authenticity is the extent to which we are prepared to be honest to ourselves (Self-Acceptance) and to others (Trustworthy).

  • Our Purpose is our reason to exist. Without the direction, ambition and motivation we draw from our life goals, many of the brains essential functions - Sapience, Curiosity, Trial and Error - cease to function.

Our 'Become Deilightful' tag line nods to organisations who use our unique expertise to safely and meaningfully navigate change using the 4 steps to true success pictured above in our Hierarchy of Success. Without these things, no Human (or organisation) may complete their journey towards reaching their full potential and the pursuit of happiness. But with these things in place, you can you drive meaningful effective change in all you do, lead any business to greatness, transform the livelihoods of any community or industry and ultimately complete the human experience to your full potential.

We want to help you thrive

We are second-to-none in helping firms drive change by creating better leaders, cultures, teams, ideas, decisions and results, as your people climb ever further towards Self-Actualisation. For example:

  • Data and Strategy: People only measure what they treasure. When you're ready to start changing, we can come in and help you measure every aspect of the Hierarchy of Success to determine your overall current Potential and how you might fill it.

  • People and Leaders: Our multi-award-winning Training Reimagined proposition includes leading edge workshops like Safe Spaces and Purposeful People

  • Unity & Identity: Our speakers and experts know exactly how to build the narrative across all your messaging towards a common purpose that fosters collaboration through the acceptance of uniqueness

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