Letters of love

By Deilight consulting

The great silence

Every day and all around the world, marginalized people struggle to be heard. Their voices, their talent and their potential is sadly today lost humanity. But at Deilight, we see you – all of you.

So we've created Letters of Love as a confidential, anonymous way to:

  • Share stories of how oppression has impacted your life
  • Send a message to someone who showed you love
  • Get something off your chest that no one else will listen to
  • Thank someone at Deilight Consulting for impacting your life positively

Whoever you are, however you are special, we wanted you to know that you are not alone


Use +/- or your mouse wheel to zoom in and out. Scroll by moving your mouse or using the arrow keys. Click a letter icon to open and read a love letter. To close a letter, hit 'ESC' or click the ‘X’ box

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