About Us

Authenticate our True Colours

We help ourselves by helping others first

Our identity

As True Leaders, every word we use is purposeful, every claim genuine, every promise kept and every action meaningful

Purpose: The reason we exist

To create, protect and drive meaningful change, we boldly go

The brains behind The Deilightful Group, we actualise any meaningful change imaginable, solve wicked problems, realise sweet success, and help others reach full potential.

We succeed by never judging another, shining our light on darkness, fighting Hatred with Love, applying equal and opposite force, being authentic and valuing deeds. Not words.

Identity: Who we are on the inside

Some sell services, we gift change

If you could change anything you wish, what would you change first? We chose to help you and all others - not ourselves.

Pioneering a brand new industry on the world stage anchored in breakthrough Quantum Mechanics, we are Humanity's first incidence of a 'Clarketech'. As in, what we do appears (to some) like magic.

Welcome to the Change Engine.

Principles: The rules that govern our behaviour

Let's get real. Diversity. Doesn't. Matter.

Some sell products, we fulfill hopes and dreams. Some target difference, we value uniqueness. Some deliver services, we create change. Some use words, we take action. Some blame others. We blame hatred. Some have egos, we espouse confidence. Some plead ignorance, we exhibit wisdom. Some have perspective, we see everything. Some are consciously biased, we are fully conscious. Some help themselves, we help others first.

We see your differences. But we don't discriminate. Because we love you for them. We value uniqueness. Without it, life wouldn't be worth living.

Strategy: How we deliver sweet success

Tired trying to fit it? Then stand out instead

Vividly espousing courage, conviction, authenticity, worthiness, determination, imagination, wisdom, tolerance, true love and true leadership in all we do, we are deilightful.

Our work is currently focused around 4 core workstreams:

  • Humanities: Charity, Aid, Human Rights, Health and Environment

  • Leadership: Business, Strategy, Advice and Government

  • Science: Education, Academia, Research and Wicked Problems

  • Space: Megastructures, Exploration, Diplomacy and Security

Our deilightfully fun journey

We were created in London UK by our Founder of Light, Ian Clarke, on 22nd September 2021

Our story so far

Our Birth: Project Speak Up 2021

Our Birth: Project Speak Up 2021

Goal: The single biggest individually led change initiative in global banking history (Complete, Success)

In 2021, our Project Speak Up Report and Change Plan rocked the world of financial services, and led to 7 new world records including the first black female board appointment in investment banking history. Authoring and leading it ended our founders career (and almost his life) but also birthed a new industry and field of science. Crucially, it gave us unique information and insight on Earth into A) the scientific causes, workings and cure for hatred, and B) the ubiquitous absence of all competent authority globally today.


Our Growth: Project Deilightful 2022

Goal: Actualising a new firm - the worlds first authentic D&I consultancy (Complete, Success)

In 2022, we set about creating a D&I power brand. Yet despite being fronted by 2 highly regarded Titans of Change embodying every Protected Characteristic between them, membership of 6 marginalised collectives, 11 change world records, 12 awards plus a uniquely authentic True Leadership training program, sadly not a single Fortune500 firm would agree to buy even a $1 of services from us. It proved to us A) no firm wants D&I to be authentic, and B) the D&I industry is beyond reprieve. So we changed our strategy accordingly, from D&I Consultancy to something more compelling.

Our Growth: Project Deilightful 2022
Our Arrival: Project Revelation 2023

Our Arrival: Project Revelation 2023

Goal: Pioneer a brand new industry anchored in breakthrough science, for the first global application of 'Change Engine' technology (Complete, Collecting)

Following successful completion of our 2-year scientific research project into Human Identity, Change, Hatred and Oppression, we've condensed our findings into a book - The Sciences of Change - so that it can reach all corners of the world quickly. As far as books go, its potential to save life, solve the world's problems and deliver sweet success is unique on Earth. This is the book that changes everything. But it only works if you...


Our Future: Project Regenesis 2023

Goal: Save Science (In Progress, Planning)

Our Future: Project Regenesis 2023

We value authenticity. Because few are authentic

Like all humans, our identity drives our behaviour, and our behaviour drives our identity. Our values aren’t imposed on our people. They come from our people. Because we only employ authentic Human's, allow them to choose their purpose and equip them with the tools to succeed. Being deilightful, we aren't afraid to stand out as Special. Because we are Wise Human Beings, and there is no stronger label imaginable.



Whether an individual, firm or government, stealing success from failure can only stem from having a meaningful and differentiated purpose.

Not vacuous words knowingly meaningless to firm, staff and customers. Real purpose that truly matters, and which vividly is both lived and breathed by every being, process, product and communication the firm collects. From there spawns all things - worthiness, uniqueness, value, potential, authenticity, impact, legacy, sales, profit, results - everything. We're always clear on our authentic goals and vividly purpose them in all we say and do.



Knowledge is power. Ignorance is bliss. But only curiosity is deilightful.

From art to science to celebrity, the most valuable perspectives are always the rarest. Yet today, both individually and as a species, most wrongly assume what they can’t do can’t be done, and what they don’t know doesn't exist. Wise Humans understand we know very little, so actively seek out and listen to – never dismiss – unique new perspectives.



Diversity doesn't matter. Because all difference is entirely arbitrary and meaningless.

From the shape of our ear lobes to the pattern of our footprints, every Human is unique. It's this uniqueness that makes us the only species on Earth delimited from lines of longitude. We can literally live anywhere by changing ourselves or creating change. All value stems from it. So we accept, embrace, explore and nurture it, wherever we find it. Standing out takes courage. Because fitting in takes nothing.



Without authenticity, there can be no reality. Deeds, not words.

Say what you see, not what you want to see. Better yet ask why you see what you think you see and listen impartially to the answer. We always project trust, respect, honesty, directness, tolerance, fairness and accountability in our dealings with others. We take responsibility for our changes, we keep our promises, we tell only the truth - no matter how hard it is to hear - and we help (never hurt) those we serve.


Our awards

For excellence in driving paradigm shifting change on the world stage

In case you can't tell...

Champion of Change 2022 (Winner)
CSR World Leader Gold Award 2022 (Winner) CSR Excellence in Sustainability Gold Award 2022 (Winner)
Editors Choice Award 2022 (Winner) Senior Men for Gender Balance 2022 (Shortlisted, top-10)

...we are as authentic as it gets

Diversity Champion Corporate Award 2022 (certified) International Inclusion Champion Award 2022 (certified)
Honourable Mention Award 2022 (Winner) D&I Social Justice Campaign of the Year 2022 (Runner Up)
Communication and Education Award 2022 (Shortlisted, top-10)

Our world records

Words mean so little when our actions paint such a clear picture to the world

Our deeds (not words) define our identity

World’s first declared investment banking whistleblower on racism, hatred and corporate oppression (June 2021)
Creation of the world's largest private network of active banking whistleblowers (September 2021)
First ever report to publicly establish 'proven institutionalised racism' at a major international bank, as acknowledged by its lead financial regulator (September 2021)

We help ourselves by helping others first

First black female board appointment in investment banking history (October 2021)
First three simultaneous black or brown board appointments at a major international bank (February 2022)
First three simultaneous black or brown board positions held at a major international bank (February 2022)

We do things and go places no one else dares to

Creation of the world's first authentic Diversity & Inclusion consultancy (March 2022)
Discovery of the Sciences of Change and Creation (October 2022)
Creation of a brand new sector, the world's first and only incidence of a 'Change Engine' (November 2022)

Your success is our success

First successful application of pioneering 'Change Engine' technology (February 2023)
Landmark discovery of the Theory of Everything announced (September 2023)

Ian Clarke/We/Human

Meet our Founder of Light

"It’s for you, those like you and those unlike you that I will run to the ends of the Earth for and love until the end of time for and live until there is nothing else to live for."

Humans change all the time. Ours create change using authentic Human Curiosity, Uniqueness, Sapience and Realness.

With 14 awards for excellence and 10 world records for pioneering change, 9 chartered certifications across 5 disciplines, 14 years finance sector leadership experience across 2 continents, a press profile across 120 countries plus complex intersectionality spanning 4 protected characteristics and 50% black and white racial impartiality, Ian's knowledge, abilities and perspectives are unique on Earth.

Much of his Investment Banking career was spent advising Fortune 500 firms on financial success. The most senior black LGBTQ+ executive across the Americas, he led global sales content, innovation and strategy across 6 strategic sectors, while co-founding or co-leading 5 People Bodies representing over 12,000 marginalised colleagues. Outside of work, he's supported, developed, and championed underrepresented talent through schemes like Nightline, Whitgift SNAP, Kickstart, Young Enterprises and Migrant Leaders.

Ian Clarke, Founder of the Deilightful Group and Project Revelation Lead

"I exist to enforce fairness and accountability, to help Deilight drive out the darkness. But my biggest passion in the world is knowing, loving and helping others thrive. I'm making Humanity great again. For everyone this time. Even if I have to do it all on my own."

Forget Quiet Quitters. True leaders have the courage to be authentic. In 2021 Ian hit headlines and made history after calling out racism – the only investment banker ever to publicly do so – ushering in 5 D&I world records for change, including the first ever black female board appointment at a major international bank in history.

Described by Treasury Today magazine in 2020 as 'a shining example of the progress in our [financial services] industry, Ian offers unique insights on the dialogue around diversity, inclusion and representation'. Forget quiet quitters, true leaders have compassion. I left my career in 2021 after calling out racism – the only investment banker ever to publicly do so – ushering in 4 more D&I world records for change.