We help others before we help ourselves

Unwrap our identity, goals and values

Our internationally-acclaimed team of authentic award winners, trail blazers, world record holders, do gooders, community representatives, business leaders and people people's collective understanding of oppressive systems, human-commercial dynamics and culture transformation strategies is second to none. Because our people didn't learn this - they live it. When you're ready to embrace the beauty of human uniqueness, we're ready to ensure you thrive.

Champions of Change Makers

We seem different, don't we? This is what the worlds first authentic D&I consultancy looks like. As scholars of Humanity, we exist to help people, organisations and change makers reach their full potential by harnessing the power of Human Uniqueness, Identity and Choice to put humanity and science at the heart of their decisions.

Skip the criticism, forget the past, avoid the judgments and move past the performative. We help you see and understand more, stand out, think differently, behave authentically and keep promises. Meaningful change, not just talk? We’re ready when you are.

Purveyors of human uniqueness

Tired of fitting in? Then stand out instead. A diverse owned and led social enterprise recognised as world leaders in people-powered meaningful change and transformation, we help you create better Leaders, Cultures, Ideas, Decisions and Results.

You made some brave promises about changing for the better. We help you keep them, safely, meaningfully and profitably. Embrace uniqueness. Be curious. Become Deilightful.

Pioneers of Authentic Realness

Infinite combinations of arbitrary characteristics differentiate our appearance as humans. From the shape of our ear lobes to the size of our feet, difference carries no value whatsoever to anyone except discriminators.

Real human value comes from Uniqueness and Authenticity. So if like 93% of humanity, you got stuck on meaningless labels like Diversity & Inclusion, you haven't even left the starting line yet on the things you meant to focus on - Change & Success. That's where we step in.

Ever played 'would you rather?'

We're ready when you are

Talk the Talk

Talk the Talk

Change performatively, until real change is forced upon you

Endure constant criticism and judgments alongside escalating legal and people risks to constantly underperform versus competitors. Consistent ‘bad luck’ that’s actually an absence of adequate challenge (due to nepotism, tribalism and/or discrimination) plus double standards and toxic masculinity disguised as leadership. Ultimately, you disappear forever.

Walk the Walk

Walk the Walk

Become Deilightful to change meaningfully, safely and lucratively

Experiment and make mistakes to keep promises meaningfully. Boost revenue, improve reputation, attract broad top talent and sell more products by looking beyond white male communities. Turbo charge productivity, retention, collaboration and innovation through psychological safety, infrastructural meritocracy and truly valuing difference in all your do. Reach your full potential.

Some deliver Services, we deliver Change

We exist to protect Humanity from hatred, while helping curious people and organisations achieve their full potential. Deilightful.

Our purpose drives everything we do. Our courage ensures we remain true to our purpose. If you had our power - to change anything we wish to - what would you choose to change first? We chose to create safe spaces and happy workplaces where all humans can thrive through their four driving traits of intrinsic value as individuals - Belonging, Uniqueness, Authenticity and Purpose.

To improve is to change. To be perfect is to change often. We drive change continuously. Deilightful.

It starts with us

Understand our past to understand our nature

We were born out of 2021’s Project Speak Up, the single most impactful D&I report and change campaign in financial services history. Led by one man – our Founder, Ian Clarke – it delivered 5 D&I world records after hitting the news in 120 countries, including the first black female board appointment in global banking history.

For more information about Project Speak Up, visit our origins.

Do you value difference... really?

Some sell products, we sell hopes and dreams. Some claim to value difference, we embody uniqueness. Some deliver services, we deliver change. Some use words, we champion actions. Some have egos, we have confidence. Some plead ignorance, we exhibit wisdom. Some have a perspective, we've considered them all. Some believe bias is unconscious, we believe oppression is active. Some help themselves, we believe helping others is the way we help ourselves.

We see things nobody else can. Because we are unique. And in a world where everyone says they're different yet all seem to be repeating the same nonsense, we understand that real value, for both firms and people, is derived entirely from uniqueness (being one of a kind) and authenticity (owning our uniqueness).

We put people at the heart of your business

Four Deilightful service groups:

  1. Data, Talent and Strategy: People change all the time. But only Deilightful firms can do that too. Our culture transformation and change management services help you affect change continuously, collaborate safely, innovate constantly, behave authentically and manage risk effectively.

  2. Teams and Leaders: Toxic leaders spread darkness and can't listen. So we decided to help create Deilightful leaders instead. Our world class employee education anchored in breakthrough science creates leaders and teams that put people at the heart of your business. Training, reimagined.

  3. Unity and Identity: Don't roll out victims to champion equality. Use our allies instead. They deploy Deilight's world leading authority and influence on Human Choice and Identity to restore a common identity and purpose among your people so they can collaborate and ideate safely once again.

  4. Curiosity and Discovery: Some talk about change. But Deilightful people create change. We deploy our curiosity and discoveries on Human identity and Choice to help Change Makers and Scholars create more meaningful change and reach their full potential.

...One comprehensive toolkit for meaningful change. Our services work better together. Just like humans.

Our core competencies and values

Being different already, we value authenticity

Because we’ve been punished all our lives for being true to our Human Nature.

Like all humans, our identity drives our behaviour, and our behaviour drives our identity. Our values aren’t imposed on our people. They come from our people. Because we only employ authentic Human's and then equip them with the tools to self-actualise. We stand out as Special because we are ourselves an organization delimited of oppression. We are Deilightful.



We are adept at using wisdom, abstract thought and complex reasoning to reliably predict outcomes and give complete advice that gets to the heart of any problem or pursuit, enabling our clients to consistently make the right decisions for commercial success. After all, wherever there is a will, there is a way.

Empowered by our own ground-breaking discoveries into Human Identity, Behaviour and Choice, our understanding of Humanity is unique on Earth. Sure, we still fail and make mistakes. It makes us stronger, better, more compassionate and tolerant of the mistakes of others. But we actively seek out knowledge and different perspectives, to forever become wiser with every interaction, growing forever better at our craft.



Being the real deal, we recognise people are scared of making mistakes or appearing ignorant. So we never criticise or take offence at those who, with good intentions, dare to change for the better. Instead, we listen, understand, challenge and help them grow ever more authentic towards their targeted change state.

DE&I is complicated, because its an acronym for Humanity. Our authenticity helps us adapt to represent anyone, bridging the leadership/employee and academia/business interests divide. Change is scary, we know. So we create psychologically safe spaces where freed minds can be themselves, experiment and make mistakes safely. We help bring out the best in everyone, not our version but theirs. We help firms who want to keep their promises, not those that want to hide their mistakes.



Driving Change is a lonely path. Daring to dream. Having the courage to stand out. Thinking differently. So we don't judge people for being different. Different perspectives don't scare us. Instead they magnetically attract our curiosity. We champion those who dare to dream and reveal their uniqueness, because we understand that it takes uniqueness to create change. We access every corner of Human perspective, character, trait and capability to do what we do. Nobody makes it alone.

We help others before we help ourselves. We care about Humanity and the future, not about arbitrary differences that lesser people claim should divide us. We are Humans, so we put Human's are at the heart of all we do whilst role modelling the best in Humanity for others to aspire to. We bring people together, and reward them for thriving the hard way, through love, curiosity and altruism. Not divide and conquer, that's far too easy.



Creating change requires ambition. And the only limit is our imagination. We imagine an end state and work backwards, whilst seeing more of the current state and working forwards to simultaneously arrive at our goals. Because we listen to people and understand it is not possible to know all there is to know. We don't care about labels. Any Human can help us thrive, so we will help any Human thrive too.

Broader perspectives give us confidence and capability to instinctually promote a progressive agenda, allowing us to smile and laugh through uncomfortable conversations that paralyse others. We see and understand more, to come up with better ideas while accurately detecting authenticity in others to guide our decisions and priorities. As others fear it, we love different perspectives, ideas, people, competition and challenge, because each one makes us better at changing the future.


Trusted by

"It was an absolute pleasure working with Deilight Consulting on our Diversity & Inclusion statement. Ian's knowledge and insights on this topic was extremely helpful. Can highly recommend."
"Ian is a shining example of the progress in our industry and offers unique insights on the dialogue around Diversity & Inclusion and representation in finance."
“Just organised my first workshop with the team at Deilight. Top quality service and a really experienced facilitator for the day. We tackled some important/weighty topics: what is means to be human, identity, the power of bias and how to Speak Up effectively and I am really glad we drafted in a team of this calibre to do them justice. Thanks to Ian & his team!”

About our Founder

Humans change all the time. Ours can create change using their Authentic Uniqueness.

With 14 awards for excellence, 9 chartered certifications across 5 disciplines, at least 10 world records for pioneering change, 14 years finance sector leadership experience across 2 continents, a press profile across 120 countries plus complex intersectionality spanning 3 protected characteristics and 50% both black and white ethnicities, Ian’s authority on leadership, strategy, paradigm conversion and the science of Humanism is unique on Earth.

Much of his Investment Banking career was spent advising Fortune 500 firms on financial success. The most senior black LGBTQ+ executive across the Americas, he led global sales content, innovation and strategy across 6 strategic sectors, while co-founding or co-leading 5 People Bodies representing over 12,000 marginalised colleagues. Outside of work, he's supported, developed, and championed underrepresented talent through schemes like Nightline, Whitgift SNAP, Kickstart, Young Enterprises and Migrant Leaders.

"I exist to create change and ensure humanity can reach its full potential. So I'm bringing good people together today, coaching them to accept themselves and unlocking their full potential so that together we can make existence great again. Only this time, for everyone."

Forget Quiet Quitters. True leaders have the courage to be authentic. In 2021 Ian hit headlines and made history after calling out racism – the only investment banker ever to publicly do so – ushering in 5 D&I world records for change, including the first ever black female board appointment at a major international bank in history.

Described by Treasury Today magazine in 2020 as 'a shining example of the progress in our [financial services] industry, Ian offers unique insights on the dialogue around diversity, inclusion and representation'. Forget quiet quitters, true leaders have compassion. I left my career in 2021 after calling out racism – the only investment banker ever to publicly do so – ushering in 4 more D&I world records for change.

Ready when you are

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