Some complain about things as they talk about changing one day

We decided to start changing things, because we can create change

If you could change anything you liked, what would you have changed? If it helps others, just let us know and we'd be Deilighted to grant your wish.

Our Infrastructural Change Workstreams

At the heart of Deilight Consulting is our captive Social Enterprise - The Social Finance Movement. It's from this beating heart that we find, champion, coordinate and upskill Change Makers in order to help us meaningfully tackle the world's wicked problems posing an existential crisis to Humanity, such as Hatred and Climate Change.

We have currently committed to supporting the following global infrastructural change initiatives and welcome approach from anyone working in these fields who wish to collaborate for real change.

  • LGBTQ+ Representation

  • Gender Representation

  • Ethnicity Representation

  • Younger Leaders Representation

  • Better D&I Industry Transformation

  • Better Training Industry Transformation

  • Better Banking Industry Transformation

  • Fringe Oppression Awareness (such as hair and height privilege)

  • Humanism in Education Promotion