Answers: Three simple ways to make Pride Month meaningful

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Last updated: June 4th, 2024

Answers: Three simple ways to make Pride Month meaningful

It's Pride Month here in UK and around the world

The Human Genome Project (2003) proved (a) all humans are 99.9% genetically identical, (b) have a common ancestry and (c) are all essentially born equal intrinsically. All differences in human prosperity and status are simulated, (anti)social (de)constructs applied on our once common human identity to turn reality into abstract dystopian horror. As its Pride Month, lets take sexuality as an example...

Science and sexuality

Speed, distance, time, age, strength, achievement... all things real are relative (to something else), thus yielding us the fundamental governing scientific frameworks and models (like General Relativity and the Standard Model) that underpin the existence of our universe (thus us). Nothing real is black and white. There are no absolutions in real life. Human identity is no different. Particularly when it comes to the people we fall in love with or make love to, we neither think nor behave in binary. Instead, we simply follow our hearts.

Humans can't succeed unless we can find a safe space alongside others who share and understand our experiences, perspectives, hopes and dreams. Today, such communities are in short supply. Thus, to find each other we often adopt labels (gay, straight, bi etc.). But in reality, almost no being is entirely heterosexual. Or homosexual for that matter. You only need to look across the animal kingdom to see how common and naturally fluid sexuality truly is. Moreover, its this fundamental survival instinct (to love others, regardless of what's between their legs) that builds affection, common identity and ultimately sustains the survival of our species.

So any label we try to carve out for ourselves:

  1. Is entirely meaningless and can only lead to the Infinite Divisibility of our common identity and survival instincts into abstraction and ultimately the mutually assured self-destruction of our species.

  2. Will ultimately become a crux. That's since (a) people change all the time throughout their lives, (b) opposites attract and (c) curiosity means we always want to try what we haven't or can't have.

So either learn every flag imaginable or simply acknowledge that...

The law and sexuality

Covering all beings and sexual persuasions, the Right to Sexuality legally ensures we are all free and protected from discrimination on the grounds of those we choose to love and make love to, regardless of their gender or our own. This global fundamental human right is enshrined (often under 'Freedom of Expression') across a number of senior international human rights instruments including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Article 2), the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (Article 2) and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. At times ambiguous (on sex versus sexuality), in 1966 the United Nations Human Rights Committee explicitly confirmed through court statute that Article 2 covers sexuality. A breach of any of these laws - the highest in the land - constitutes a crime of the highest order: a Crime Against Humanity.

The human nature of love and queerness

Like picking an ice cream flavour, why not try something yourself before passing judgment or blindly agreeing with others it is ‘sinful’? Why limit our choice in sex partner to the shape of their genitalia, when behind them sits a sexy, spectral, dynamic, sexually-fluid being?

If you've ever been truly in love, you'll know that feeling transcends all reason. Any two beings can fall in love, regardless of whether one has malformed genitals, gender reassignment or simply the curiosity to experiment with their identity in order to ensure what they’re told is ‘wrong’ is not in fact wholly natural and authentic. Do so and you'll quickly realise we are all far more similar than we imagine.

In humans, ‘Gender Dysphoria’ is a sense our extrinsic gender identity (arbitrary) betrays our intrinsic gender identity (real). Naturally, embracing this trait creates titans of change like drag queens, transgendered and non-binary beings. Disclosing it (or even just allying those who do) is the epitome of courageous integrity and potent authenticity as, sadly today, it is fundamentally unsafe to do so, bringing with it negative reward. They only do because they know without nurturing, emancipation and realness, they cannot change or succeed.

Sadly increasingly few ever muster such courage, thus success.

For any trait, fluidity, tolerance and authentic allyship are the epitome of humanity. The more courageous integrity you can muster (to stay true to your innate personal identity), the more likely you are to reach your full potential and become deilightful. Thus the more oppression and hatred you will face from those dreadful beings whose cowardly deception saw them give up all those things long ago to become 'straight for pay'.

Today, the leaders of our nations and public firms all have one message for authentically queer beings everywhere...

Everything wrong with Pride Month in one post.

Who is our enemy... really?

  • The target is not men, it is sexist patriarchy and matriarchy.

  • The target is not heterosexuals, it is homophobia, biphobia, transphobia and heterophobia.

  • The target is not the old, it is those who disregard the young, the old, or the middle aged.

  • The target is not white people – the target is white supremacy, black supremacy and all racial eugenics.

You see… the target is not discrimination. Binary choices – your fault or my fault - Labour or Conservative – Blue Pill or Red Pill - are no choice at all. No human is bad or good – only deeply complex.

Discrimination does not exist. Because our differences are entirely indifferent, arbitrary and meaningless.

Every single one of us is unique. Oppression wielded by those consumed by hatred is targeting our uniqueness. The more uniqueness we possess (and show), the more those who choose to oppress stalk us. Intersectionality is intrinsic.

The target is oppression and hatred, not each other. Humanity is worth fighting for. Because we are all special. Deception pits us against each other. Yet in truth, we are all victims (our oppressors included).

So what's the solution?

Though many beings are well-intentioned here, firms and politicians primary loyalties are to their financial backers. Thus why neither can or will do anything to upset the status quo. Not until more beings ratchet pressure through collectivism and unite-to-serve (as we have tried to here) can we move dialogue beyond the deception, blame, division and near-universally performative allyship we see today. Specifically, we must start:

  1. Discussing openly the causes of our problems as a society - not just the symptoms. Most are so traumatised by their individual experiences, they prefer to internalise, deny and ignore them. Thus why few see the big picture, that (a) they are not alone in suffering such abuse and (b) that its not personal but in fact wholly indiscriminate in nature from an aggressor who is (effectively) no longer human.

  2. Appointing proven accomplished authentic allies to panels and keynotes - not clueless self-promoting executives claiming everything's just fine. For example, I'm an authentic 'out' queer, trained public speaker, author, campaignor and entrepreneur, with around 14 awards for excellence underpinned by ~10 world records born from life-long efforts helping others. I'm one of Involve People's top-100 OUTstanding LGBT Executive Role Models for 2023. Yet I haven't had a single speaker enquiry this Pride month from anyone.

  3. Moving initiatives like Pride Month, Queer Awarding Bodies and LGBTQ+ Corporate Rankings beyond rainbow washing. These were all founded in the tradition of driving change. Yet today, due to corruption, conflicts of interest and vivid self-promoting incompetence by those leading them, they are only preventing change whilst fostering complacency.

Are you driving meaningful change?

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Allyship and Advocacy
Allyship and Advocacy

By emphasising social justice, inclusion and the equality of human rights in all that you do, you can create the ultimate working environment for creative ideas, perspectives and opinions to thrive. That means taking a naturally and actively anti-oppressive stance on conversations and matters concerning all areas of diversity from age, race, gender, ability, nationality, religion, sexuality and more.

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