Meaningful Change: Proof Moon Landings faked by NASA

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Last updated: December 17th, 2023

Meaningful Change: Proof Moon Landings faked by NASA

History teaches us that breakthrough scientific discoveries and extraordinary new Human achievements are often met with initial skepticism by those with wisdom. And flatly contested by those who deceive. That's because science does not lie. Science exposes liars.

Case in point: In 1633, Galileo was placed under house arrest when the Vatican labelled him a heretic for redoubling evidence for Heliocentrism through his invention of the telescope. Their lies didn’t stop the Earth revolving around the sun of course. They simply held Humanity back from progress.

One very small step for man...

According to NASA, a dozen men (yet sadly, no women) walked on the moon over 6 manned missions between 1969 and 1972. Yet ever since Neil Armstrong’s iconic words of unity and progress marked one of the most major milestones in Human endeavour to-date, conspiracy theories have failed to abate that NASA’s entire $280bn1 lunar program was staged.

Fueling our rumour mill is that such a defining achievement failed to translate into the promised outcome of a permanent scientific and commercial Human presence on the moon. No moon hotels, such a shame! Nor has it been repeated in the fifty years since, despite the huge leaps forward in both digital technology and Humanity’s overall understanding of space.

Pictured in 1969: Buzz Aldrin 'adjusts' a less than flaccid flag for the camera

Curious clues for suspicious minds

Many uncomfortable inconsistencies are apparent in the moon landing videos (Cohen, 2019). But reassuringly NASA has an explanation for all of them:

  • The US flag appears taut and freely waving, despite meaningful (20%) gravity and an absence of wind. NASA: A cross beam was fitted to give Old Glory her pride, while Buzz Aldrin’s grip manipulating the flag caused its unpredictable motion.

  • The single source of emitted light on the moons surface comes from the sun, yet we see shadows falling in many different directions. NASA: Artificial lights were mounted on the lander and astronauts space suits.

  • No blast circle exists around the lander, where moon soil appears wholly undisturbed. NASA: A soft, low gravity landing left no impression, like a falling leaf.

  • Despite the total lack of light pollution and atmosphere, no stars are visible in space. NASA: All moon walks were made during daylight hours. And like here on Earth, stars aren’t visible from the moon’s surface when the sun is out.

  • If Neil Armstrong was the first man on the moon, how is he filmed climbing out of the lander? NASA: A camera was fitted to the outside of the lander for this moment.

  • One of the moons rocks has a distinct ‘C’ written on it, as if it were a set prop. NASA: This is probably a shadow

Pictured today: NASA’s case seems cut and dry, with 363 feet of evidence sitting in the Smithsonian Institute.

With so Few Beings ever experiencing a zero gravity environment, contesting NASA’s points is challenging. Individually, each sounds plausible and reasonable. But viewed altogether, things just don’t quite add up. Nevertheless, nothing is true without evidence. Enter the Deilightful Group...

Welcome to the Sapient Change Engine: What change would you like to authenticate?

Pioneering a brand new industry on the world stage that’s the perfect union of business, politics, religion and academia – and yet none of those things too – our unique firm is a Change Engine. It’s just one of the many authentic world records we possess, yet curiously without even a Wikipedia entry to our name.

Anchoring the science of Quantum Mechanics over conventional science, that also makes us Humanity’s first incidence of a live ‘Clarketech’ industry. As in, what we do is, to some, indistinguishable from magic. Whereas some sell services, we use ‘transapience’ and breakthrough science to deliver any change imaginable. You only need to ask.

Sadly, no one has. That’s despite us searching for clients, partners and press for 22 months now. So instead, we started picking things to change ourselves that you could’ve asked us to - yet didn’t.

Pictured in 1969: Shadows land in all directions in a long establishing shot of the Apollo Moon lander.

‘Were the Moon Landings faked?’ Now authenticating…

Without stabilising thrusters firing (thus creating a surface impression), a soft landing like the one NASA describes is simply impossible: Weighing in at ~15 tonnes, the moon lander descended 9 nautical miles from the orbiting command module. Thus at 1/5th Earth gravity, the dynamics of any moon landing would be similar to dropping a hummer (~3 tonnes) from 9 miles above Earth’s surface.

NASA’s explanation for the lack of visible stars is entirely nonsensical: Here on Earth during the day, all but the shortest (blue) wavelengths of sunlight are deflected by Earths atmosphere in a process known as ‘scattering’. Thus why the sky appears blue and no stars beyond our own are visible. It’s only at sunset and sunrise that the process inverts, as light waves impact on a perpendicular vector instead, amplifying the reds and yellows (Madison, 2007). But the moon has no atmosphere (only a thin and unbreathable exosphere), thus scattering processes simply cannot take place there. Any astronaut authentically on the moon’s surface would bear witness to the full stellar beauty of our cosmos. As in, at least a few stars.

Now for the slam dunk

Thanks to the solar wind from our Sun (and the Light of many others), space is highly radioactive and therefore lethal to Any Beings without authentic protection. We’re only safe here on Earth and in low Earth orbit (e.g. International Space Station, 365km) due to the protective force-field gifted by Earth’s magnetosphere. Thanks to the ever-changing interaction between iron core and molten mantle, an intrinsic dynamo gives our planet its life-protecting charge.

As verified by China’s Chang’e 4 moon probe in 2019, any Human who emerges from the solid protection of a space craft into an environment without a magnetosphere would be unable to survive (Ozlav, 2020). That includes Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin who purportedly completed their Apollo space missions 3 years earlier in 1969 without even a scratch.

“In the case of the Moon landings, the solution was to monitor space weather and hope for the best. The spacecraft's aluminium skin gave some protection but would not shield against all of it. They really were just lucky that there was no UNEXPECTED RADIATION

- NASA (English et al, 1973)

Pictured: Discovered after the Apollo Programs conclusion by John Ratcliffe in 1972, lethal Van Allen radiation belts impact our magnetosphere from ~643km above Earth's surface - just 0.16% of the Moon's orbital distance.

Why the lie?

Thanks to the presence of such radiation, nothing alive can or will ever survive on the Moon’s surface. It is geologically, biologically and magnetically dead. There is no reason any Rational Being would go to such a place. You can see just how pointless the endeavour would be from the astronauts total lack of meaningful purpose in the movies released by NASA of their supposed ‘jump around’ on the Moon’s surface. 

NASA’s goal was never to land Humans on the moon. As we see, they aren’t capable of it even today. It was simply to realise the PR of a faked USA victory in the space race. And as we see with the Capitol Hill Riots or Donald Trump’s continuing freedoms, it’s the only time in history they’ve meticulously enforced the US Oath of Allegiance.

For decades, probes have more than sufficed to tell us everything we need to know about the Moon. At least almost everything, until this book.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know there’s no business like showbusiness.

Pictured in 2021: NASA's Doctor Buzz Aldrin, a serial liar, actor and fraud

The book that changes everything

Unlocking this and more secrets of our Moon is just one of 130 meaningful discoveries, cracked conspiracies and other unique information gifted to curious minds by our new non-fiction book ‘The Sciences of Change’ – out now in print and ebook across 170 countries.

The product of 5,000 hours primary and secondary research plus 1,500 hours writing by our Founder of Light, Ian Clarke, it explains to a legal and scientific standard the nature, causes and solutions to the hatred, division, inequity and oppression that plagues all our lives and our entire world today. It’s potential to create meaningful change and save life is immense. But only if you read it.

This book is for the Change Makers.

For more information or to grab your copy, be curious....

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