Deilight and GEC unite to bring deep-data DE&I solutions to more corporates

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Last updated: August 10th, 2022

Deilight and GEC unite to bring deep-data DE&I solutions to more corporates

We've partnered with multi-award winners GEC - makers of the world’s first DE&I app - to provide our clients with a fully paperless, immersive, confidential, deep data solution for staff engagement/satisfaction surveys and DE&I data collection.

Announcing the partnership, Ian Clarke said "Nic and Cat are trail blazing through adversity to create a data and community platform like no other. So why compete when we can work together? The GEC's leading community, content, technology and big data solution - and with customers like Hays, BAE Systems and Enfield City Council - helps extend our product range into new value-adding territories and provides GEC with enhanced scale and distribution prospects."

GEC's service features an intuitive dashboard, full view/compare reports, GEC seal, comprehensive resource library and detailed bespoke action plan advice/recommendations. Under Deilight's partnership contract, the service is being made available without agency / referral fees or additional customer contracting, as part of its one-stop-shop commitment to being a full service DE&I partner.

Fellow Rising Stars 2022 winner, Telegraph Woman of the Year 2018 and GEC Co-Founder Cat Wildman said "This tie-up with our friends at Deilight Consulting was a no brainer. While we bring the tech, Ian and his team bring years of corporate solutioning know-how to help socialize, rollout and maximise uptake of our service amongst end-users, helping them analyse and roadmap our survey recommendations, plus sticking around to support / champion them as they implement agreed changes."

About the GEC

Tech entrepreneurs Nic Ponsford and Cat Wildman are co-founders of the Global Equality Collective (GEC) – a multi-award-winning global grassroots community of over 15,000 Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (DEI) change makers, and a collective of 350-plus DEI subject matter experts.

Creators of the world's first DEI app for schools and businesses, the GEC gives places of learning and work all the data, information and education needed to break their own new ground in diversity, equality and inclusion.

With over 136,000 students across 200 schools reached since launching in late 2020, the GEC’s mission is to change the world one conversation at a time.

Nic and Cat strongly believe that the only way to achieve equality for all is by working together.

We're in! Are you?

To discover more about the GEC and the services provided through their app can deliver your business, pay a visit to the Global Equality Collective today or contact us using the button below.

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