Israel Hamas War Report: Your questions answered...

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Last updated: November 20th, 2023

Israel Hamas War Report: Your questions answered...

...truthfully, openly, directly and conclusively. Which makes a nice change from almost any other FAQ you'll find anywhere in the world today. World record alert!

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Your questions answered

1. Your report is filled with inaccuracies

FALSIFIED - Our report is entirely accurate. This statement is the equal and opposite of truth

Every statement in it is a true, factual and correct reflection of reality as science regards it. The report is fully evidenced and cited, with links to key sources of contentious information juxtaposed with redoubling photographic imagery, multi-sourced data and/or scientific studies that vividly authenticate every point made in it.

2. Hamas hide their bases among civilian populations. So Israel has no choice but to violate the Geneva convention

FALSIFIED - It is Israel that has every choice on whether to obliterate Palestine or not. And unlike you and Israel, Hamas hide nothing. Indeed they have no 'it' to hide and nowhere to hide it. This statement is the equal and opposite of truth.

This point is already addressed in Endnote 3 on page 85. However we will expand it accordingly. With a population density of 6,507.6 beings per square kilometer (per Figure 3, on page 13), if Gaza were a sovereign nation, it would be the 6th most densely populated in the world today (on the list published by the UN). That half of the lawful residents of Israel have been relegated to a strip of land of just 365 square kilometers is a direct consequence of the Israeli governments knowingly illegal and malevolent foreign and domestic policy. It breaches all international laws and the Geneva Convention, reflecting 100 years of gross crimes against humanity of the lowest order imaginable. Hamas has no organised military, neither is it permitted to operate one - unlike Israel and every other sovereign nation of the world. 'Hamas' is a label for a group of innocent civilians who have decided to 'do not die', that 'enough is enough', and are now attempting to protect themselves from genocide whilst alerting the world to their plight. Due to the Israeli governments action and UN inaction, it is Hamas that has no choice. As the aggressor and vastly superior force, Israel has every choice. It can stop the war and abide international law any time it wishes to do so.

3. Records only go back a few thousand years so how can you draw conclusions on human life tens of thousands of years ago?

Written records only go back ~4,000 years but the archaeological record goes back millions of years. They allow us to draw broad conclusions about human life much further back. For example, in Ancient Greece, citizens would safely cast their democratic ballots using engraved pottery as slips. Indeed the word democracy originated in Ancient Greece - the union of people ('demos' in Latin) and rule ('kratos').

Wise Humans can 'authenticate' facts without records yet still to a scientific threshold of 'almost certainty' (thus supported by conclusive evidence) via our soaring potential. This allows us to access higher human abilities enabled by quantum mechanics and our collective human imagination. Superpowers such as recollection, intuition, deduction and speculation. Case in point: Art Curators use 'recollection' to gather intrinsic information from their collections original artists. This helps them vividly describe with accuracy the circumstances surrounding the characters and scenes presented, despite an absence of retained written records cataloguing them.

4. More people died from war and crime 80 years ago than today. So how can you say life was so much better before?

FALSIFIED - Unfounded supposition, assumption and knowing directional deception, this challenge has no basis in facts or reality.

Absolute deaths from crime and war have fallen since 1943. But (a) records are not directly comparable (to a scientific standard) between these times because of evolving recording methods and definitions. (b) Clearly, the height of World War II is scientifically unsound. As in not directly comparable for assessing the normalness of suffering today during global 'peacetime'. (c) Near universal (~75%) deception today has nullified all truthfulness of data keeping and the nature of crime and warfare has also been unchanged. Specifically, all crime and war against humans is no longer being recorded or publicly disclosed. Include these numbers truthfully and you find today the most deadly of all times in our history. In the report, we quote the data you are looking for on page 70. As in, the current global chance of any being fatally dehumanising in their lifetime is now 99.9997%.

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