Meaningful Change: The Theory of Everything (TOE)

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Last updated: November 20th, 2023

Meaningful Change: The Theory of Everything (TOE)

Announcing the discovery of all discoveries

In what could be the scientific breakthrough of the century, Deilight Consulting is proud to announce the resolution of a major unsolved problem in science and physics. As a vivid demonstrating of the niche scientific and problem solving capabilities our pioneering business model and sector has to offer, the discovery of the Theory of Everything (TOE) is among the 130 breakthroughs output from our pilot research initiative (Change Codename: Project Revelation).

To invite broad consideration, discussion and critique of our findings, we've published TOE in a book – The Sciences of Change – that challenges current views of the universe and our place within it. That’s after all our international efforts to partner with research institutions and science journals were met with universal ostracisation, stonewalling and illegal, anti-competitive practices from immorally corrupt 'leaders' that put money and nepotism before science and survival. If/upon validation from the broader scientific community, TOE will revolutionise our understanding of the workings of the universe, including its origins, what exists beyond it, and how both it and we came to be.

Why are scientists looking for the Theory of Everything?

Formed of ordinary matter, our universe is widely accepted as being governed by the Standard Model of Particle Physics and General Relativity. Yet despite these tried and tested scientific frameworks, ours remains a cosmos of unsolved mysteries and contradicting paradoxes. In the search for answers, mounting evidence - from Thomas Young’s 1804 ‘double slit’ experiment to the Einstein, Rosen and Podolsky Paradox of 1935 - confirms our universe has a second plane of existence that’s governed by Quantum Mechanics and Wave Thermodynamics. A single, all-encompassing unified theory that can fully explain and reconcile these two interacting plains would constitute the holy grail of discoveries.

Currently, no viable hypothesis meets the global standard of scientific proposition – testable, repeatable and observable. But that's all be about to change, thanks to our comprehensive, fully cited and fully evidenced theory ticking every box on the table.

What are the Theory of Everything's applications?

Bentley’s, Olbers, Fermi’s, Boltzmann, Epicurean… Resolving no less than 15 major scientific paradoxes, we've meticulously located and catalogued supporting, integrating and redoubling evidence for TOE across a wide variety of scientific fields and applications.

Broadly governed by just four interacting dimensional rules, TOE is a relatively simplistic model compared to, for example, Special Relativity. Yet it captures sciences workings across ten levels of quantum dimensions and three temporal permutations. Enough to map directly to a number of existing frameworks (notably the Kardashev Scale, General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics) and, for the first time, to reach beyond our universe into the enticing frontiers of the multiverse. Owing to its spectral, adaptable and rescalable nature, we've been able to test TOE’s integrity by deploying it across a wide variety of applications. Wholly reconciling with known science in each case, this demonstrates TOE’s viability as an effective means of ‘authenticating’ any prior or future scientific discovery. In other words, we may now have the tools to answer any question imaginable to the scientific threshold of ‘almost certainty’.

The Theory of Everything in numbers.

Even more compellingly, it sustains – and now for the first time explains – the infinite regressive nature of the most fundamental of all constructs such as space, time, causality, reality and existence. Plus it integrates cohesively with all major established models and frameworks of physics, to fully explain many of the curiosities across our cosmos such as the nature of worm holes, the unexplained absence of white holes and the mysterious nature of Dark Energy. Drawing together infinitely complex systems like these with seamless ease nods at the veracity of our claims and establishes TOE as frontrunner for the ‘real deal’ over and above existing contenders like String Theory and M Theory.

“It turns out, all things truly are connected”, Deilight’s founder and project lead Ian Clarke says, announcing TOE’s discovery. “Everything we do – the people we choose to be (or not to be) and the things we create (or destroy) – all manifest impacts across every dimension of existence. Finally we have here an explanation of the causes of all forms of neurophysiological disorders, dark fringes, the secrets of the Human Brain, quantum entanglement, cancer, potential, the afterlife, the multiverse, temporal mechanics and a hundred more deilightfully meaningful discoveries I’m proud to be announcing today. Any one of these could save your life one day and change the world for the better for everyone today. But when viewed together, they have the potential to secure our species future forever.”

Ian Clarke, Founder of the Deilightful Group and Project Revelation Lead.

Who are Deilight Consulting?

A hybrid (of sorts) think-tank, change consultancy, research institute and founding member of the Deilightful Group established September 2021 in London, UK, Deilight Consulting is one of a kind - a ‘Change Engine’. Our brand-new self-evolved industry anchoring breakthrough Quantum Mechanics offers a unique and constantly adapting offering can answer any question, create any meaningful change, resolve any problem, deliver anyone success or discover any breakthrough imaginable using science.

Deilight Consulting's logo.

“Any startup founder will tell you how difficult it is to setup a new business", reflects Ian. "So imagine starting a new industry based on new science with the label 'banking whistleblower' hanging over your head and with staunch vested interests allying against you from the likes of academia who see science as very much their dominion."

"Arthur C Clarke said ‘the only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible’. Inspiring uniqueness that really sums up what we are trying to do here”. According to Ian, the firms pioneering business model and pilot research initiative led directly to TOE’s discovery. “The only species on Earth delimited from lines of longitude, humans can live and thrive literally anywhere simply by adaptation – changing ourselves or our environment. So we’re dropping the labels and thinking outside the box, to simultaneously build a multi-purposeful product, firm, science, and industry that, when working together cohesively - like humanity itself - can replicate, commercialise and multiply the defining traits of human endeavour and success."

How did Deilight make this discovery?

Change isn’t for everyone. Deilight reports experiencing a total embargo on all external funding and collaboration, plus total press/media and prospective client/partner disengagement seemingly fearful of association. Misfortune born from our recognisable True Leadership potential and proven ability to drive change both posing acute threats to those whose status and achievements are based on anything less than merit. Plus a healthy skepticism on the extraordinary nature of our achievements, more than matched by an unhealthy resistance to change, disinterest in the new science underpinning our groundbreaking new business model, diffusion of responsibility and an increasingly widespread inability to imagine a world any different from today.

"Yet just like people and now TOE, philosophy and wicked problems don’t fit neatly into boxes", Ian explains. "By siloing science and academics apart from themselves and each other, then using walls to cut them off from the ‘real world’ of life, business and politics, our academic journals and universities are in a silent identity crisis and death spiral that’s forcing them to choose between money spinning and deception versus advancing human endeavour and tackling the world’s biggest issues. Entirely in the second camp, we decided to stand out and take a different approach instead. We help ourselves by helping others first."

The product of 5,000 hours primary research, 1,500 hours writing, one hundred thousand pounds personal investment plus five million dollars in indirect costs, creating the Deilightful Group and discovering TOE has been a real labour of love for Ian. But to him, money is no measure of success. "From the very first question you remember asking in life to TOE itself, everything you know – and all knowledge ever - stems from human curiosity. There’s so much we all have in common when you think about it. Laughter is contagious. Success is shared. Yet sorrow and hatred is the absence of both – the antithesis of what it means to be human. Thus without the curiosity to keep asking ‘why’ and our innate desire to help others, there can be no laughter, no knowledge, no success and no humanity – only sorrow and hatred."

What's led to this announcement?

Setting nine change world records over our first two years of trading without external funding, only nominal revenues, no offices and mostly alone, few can deny Deilight exhibits meaningful unrealised value. Least of all its founder. "Driving change is an art as much as it is a science. But to deliver truly meaningful change requires you to think differently, experiment, take risks, make mistakes, stand out, endure failure, accept yourself and (most importantly) find the courage to do things and go places no one has ever dared go before. At Deilight, success means pursuing our primary purpose that drives all we are, say and do."

To create, protect and drive meaningful positive change, we boldly go. We exist to help the helpless. Meaningful deeds. Not empty words.

Yet not everyone is as focused on their stated purpose for existing as they claim to be. Today, all academic and business leaders, politicians and most press editors are aligned on a strategy to ignore and deny the firm and its many revolutionising discoveries exist. That’s despite the huge opportunity to save life and bring people together being freely offered by Deilight to those who do in return. Reflecting on the drivers of its success, Ian adds "inevitability the advancement of meaningful science is only achieved through resourceful curiosity, determination and purposeful collaboration moreover profiteering, protectionism, fear, deception, power and control."

For Deilight's pilot global change engine initiative, it set out to define human identity, plus the workings of change making and hatred to a scientific standard. An example of a ‘wicked problem’ – complex and interconnected global issues that are difficult or impossible to solve - to date no one has successfully done so.

Until February 2023 when, after 2 years of dedicated primary and secondary research and collaborations, the Change Engine had output, authenticated and robustly tested for integrity 130 discrete new meaningful discoveries that, when viewed collectively, achieve the impossible.

How is the Theory of Everything being published?

In June 2023, we published our findings in a book – The Sciences of Change. An accessibly priced, jargon free, 456-page eBook (£9.99), with full colour, fully illustrated paperback and hardbook editions ranging from £49.99 to £54.99, here is a book that’s as unique as its makers.

“It’s portable and transferable, so people can take what is a deeply personal journey at their own pace or gift it to others they love”, says Shekhar Mehta, on behalf of Deilightful Media – the publishing and communications arm of the Deilightful Group. “People may change all the time, but sadly nowadays science journals excite very few beyond academia. This approach enables broad access, readership, consideration and scrutiny of our work, and we’re hoping will return us equitable engagement with adequate challenge from all corners of the world. Sadly, it was our last option after dozens of academic institutions and science journals universally shunned our multiple requests to collaborate”.

Shekhar Mehta of Deilightful Media.

“I come from an accounting and finance background, so it’s been a while since I read a science book and I was worried it might lose me”, Shekhar admits. “But this is a book anyone can read, enjoy and understand regardless of their professional field or level of education. All you need is a passion for people, nature, life and the universe, and the imagination to ask the big questions that come with it. It’s 16 discrete but interconnected chapters take readers on an exciting journey across space and time to define then apply TOE toward answering many of life’s biggest questions. Unique scientific information anywhere on Earth, for purposeful readers it returns uplifting potential for added success and greater legacy. Fans of Richard Dawkins, Arthur C Clarke or Brian Cox are in for a real treat. A book that changes everything, this is for the Change Makers.”

The Sciences of Change is available to buy now. Link below.

The Sciences of Change also serves as a proof of concept and scientific blueprint for establishing a broader Change Engine industry, whose workings are also well-covered for broad evaluation and scrutiny. Should the firms claims be validated, it would constitute Humanity’s first live incidence of a ‘Clarketech’ – as in, technology so advanced it appears almost like magic.

Additional Information

  • The Sciences of Change is now available from Apple Books, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, Waterstones and other major outlets across 170 countries in ebook, paperback and hardback editions under ASIN reference B0C86P6G8H. For further information on The Sciences of Change or where to buy, visit

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