Discover the 3 things that define Being Human

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Last updated: August 12th, 2023

Discover the 3 things that define Being Human

Today, Humanity hates itself

Representation across every single arbitrary  Protected Characteristic is falling ever further backwards, leading to a vacuum of Adequate Challenge and an abundance of Group-Think impairing the majority of the world’s decision making systems.

Intolerance for our fellow humans grows ever stronger by the day, with the Far Right now in control of a major European Economy and Donald Trump pledging to run for re-election in 2024.

Black people languish in jail for smoking weed while ruling classes responsible for global recessions, bribery, corruption and major Human Rights violations claim too big to jail as they hoard ever more illegitimate wealth for themselves.

Financial Regulators are asleep at the wheel as major banks play dice with an interconnected financial system.

Dehumanised Toxic Masculinity masquerades as leadership across company boardrooms and Parliaments of the world, taking us to the brink of World War III. Why?

Giving up on that which makes us Human

Human's are unique on Earth from any other animal species in 3 distinctive core ways:

  1. Sapience: We alone possess a capacity for abstract thought and complex reasoning, to ask complicated questions like 'why are we here?', 'what is my purpose?' or 'shall I be curious today?'.

  2. Unique Complexity: Every single human possess near-infinite differences (extrinsic, meaningless appearance-drivers) and uniqueness (intrinsic, meaningful personality-drivers)

  3. Authenticity: Humans have a particularly complex relationship between their Identity and Behaviour that is not yet fully defined in published science (though we will remedy that shortly).

For 300,000 years, Diversity has allowed the human race to survive and thrive as seemingly the only Sapient species in the known universe. For the same reason that inbreeding leads to defects and stifles evolution, diversity in business helps firms stay relevant, collaborative and on purpose. It helps people spot risks and mitigate losses – of money and potentially life - by listening to each other and speaking up when they see something wrong. It generates new ideas and perspectives that help to continuously improve products, services, customer journeys and brand equity.

These three things are central to our common Human Identity, and yet today all around the world, almost every problem is attributable at some level on humanity’s insistence of Divide and Conquer by rejecting the numerous things that unite us in order to judge who is 'best' based off of entirely arbitrary yet species sustaining extrinsic differences.

A new industry emerges to rescue us all

Though sensitivity training in various forms has existed since the 1960’s, the modern D&I industry emerged out of growing public demand for change exemplified in global Humanist movements such as #BlackLivesMatter, #MeToo, and more recently #StopAAPIHate.

Some firms saw the opportunity to retool their expertise to advance the conversation, with McKinsey & Co’s exhaustive 2015 landmark report marking the first definitive economic business case to align with the already well established legal and moral case for change. But despite that triple lock, change did not follow.

What did follow was less capable voices seeking to capitalize on growing goodwill towards marginalized people entering the fray without a product, fueling mass ambivalence over the entire legitimacy of the industry sent to our rescue.

Why we have verifiably given up on Humanity

BAME, BIPOC, BME, POC... but can you think of any acronyms for White People? The answer is that Human's don't give acronyms to things they care about.

Originally, 'D&I' was the global standard – and so it should have remained. But as more people weighed into this most urgent of conversations without the Courage to be real with people about the problems or the Authenticity to drive 'Change', the industry quickly got stuck on meaningless talk and mindless fiddling with labels. The more we change it – the more complicated we make it - the more people detach from tackling the very simple underlying issue.

The day law-abiding, commercially-minded, human-centred business was labelled 'D&I' and put in a box alongside repairing fences and building duck houses was the day Humanity surrendered to its inevitable extinction.

Today, over 1,000 Consultancies across the US and UK are charging firms £8bn a year for meaningless D&I talk and Unconscious Bias workshops proven to do absolutely nothing. Even the acronym itself has now become Oppressive.

But all is not lost

Just one D&I practice is talking about selling Meaningful Change as a product. Uniquely, as Pioneers of People-Driven Change and Transformation, at Deilight Consulting we can change anything we want whatsoever, providing it aligns with our purpose - to protect Humanity from hatred. Why? Because we are Deilightful. Can we really change anything?

To answer that, you simply have to Be Curious and tell us what you'd like to change.

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