Doomed from Day One: We call 'DEI' time on Culture Fit

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Last updated: December 8th, 2022

Doomed from Day One: We call 'DEI' time on Culture Fit

People change all the time

  • If it's cold, we put on a jacket

  • If it's wet, we pull out an umbrella

Human's are the most adaptable beings in the known universe. We can survive in climates well beyond the limits of other animals that are restricted broadly to lines of longitude, thanks to our resourcefulness, flexibility, ever evolving Personal Identity and intrinsic Uniqueness.

Change is good. It's helped us survive and thrive for 300,000 to become the dominant species on Earth from Stone Age to Space Age. And yet many people struggle to keep up with Change, even in the shortest of Human lifespans. And firms find it even harder, because by their very nature they are hard coded rigid beings. As their people get cold and wet, they talk about buying jackets and umbrella's someday. And as customers move with the times, firms do all they can to resist and deny change.

But in an interconnected world built on specialisms (compounding differences), trading across borders (multiple cultures) and servicing real-time economies (ever-evolving risks), they will need to exist in constant state of change in order to survive and thrive under immense competitive pressures in a world where any instinctual behaviour can be automated.

So where's the disconnect coming from? We were curious, so we took a look.

What is Brand Authentication?

Contrary to popular opinion, no two firms are identical. Not all banks are bad. In fact, there is no such thing as good or bad – it’s a binary, the hallmark of Deception and Unconsciousness. Complex spectra - from Light to Dark - govern all Human and Corporate behaviour.

It’s no coincidence firms look a bit like people – with values, purpose, names, faces (brands) etc. Just as Deilight itself can be Sapient, firms too can become Shadows of Darkness and lose any ability to Change.

A pioneering concept from Deilight Consulting, Brand Authentication is the art of determining A) the quantified and qualified evidence that determines the extent to which a firm is controlled by Darkness or Light, and B) whether they have any Potential to be trustworthy, succeed, behave, and/or change.

After drafting a skeletal process in May 2022, we Brand Authenticated many of the largest firms in the world and will make our conclusions known as priorities, resources and potential to drive change evolve. But overarchingly, here's what we found.

The obscene reality of Culture Fit recruitment

Purged of Uniqueness due to Oppression, fear and illegitimate Toxic Illegitimacy built on Dreadful instincts automated through the Brainstem (Tribalism, Nepotism, revenge etc.) now exist where leaders of our once biggest, brightest and best firms once stood.

Now making mistakes not in their firms interests 100% of the time, their strategy is now verifiably polluted by Groupthink, Affinity Bias and Sapient Inhibition. Soon they will all be gone. Dreadful firms built on unsustainable Hatred and Oppression can be easily authenticated with these very clear hallmarks:

  • Words, not actions: Hates difference, claims not to. Performative D&I approach. Breaks every promise.

  • Inequity fueled complexity: Inefficient labels, hierarchy and assimilation inhibit innovation and teamwork

  • Financial outlook: Entirely predictable risky value-destructive strategy run on instinct focusses on automation / asset stripping

  • Purpose for existence: Solely to enrich toxic masculine executives who rule though power and control without regard for values, purpose or survival

  • Culture and Climate: A lack of shared identity or purpose among employees leads to high turnover and inconsistent service delivery

  • Change is impossible: Anyone who tries will be violently ejected.

The issue with Culture Fit is that it assumes an organisations Culture is perfect the way it is. Everyone on the outside is evil and everyone on the inside is wonderful. But Human Being's don't work like that, and actually its increasingly the other way round with good people entering big business and being forced to assimilate into bad people through Culture Fit. Anyone resisting assimilation by showing the Courage to remain true to themselves (Unique) and others (Authentic) is kept within the frozen middle and bullied until reason can be found to eject them. Most people with Courage quickly tire of this environment and leave for less binary SME horizons. But not me. I spent 14 years across 2 continents researching, observing and understanding what was going on.

The commonalities (similar traits) Culture Fit demands fuels ego, tribalistic competition and ubiquity by vividly dehumanising staff, by forcing them to suppress the 3 things that make them Human - Sapience, Uniqueness and Authenticity. This has the effect of inhibiting adequate challenge, innovation, collaboration, speak up systems, engagement, ability to change and ultimately profitability. All that remains is a hate-filled dominion solely run on 'Toxic Masculinity' and fueled by aggression, revenge, ego and all those nasty -isms that come with them. Sadly, with mindless self-obsessed drones now in charge of these firms, it's no wonder none of them are prepared to listen to reason. They have no ability to do so - they've lost their Sapience. We now sit and wait for the firms to fail, or...

Complimentary Fit: Thrive through continuous change

By targeting representation for the full breadth of Human traits imaginable that goes well beyond Proportionate Representation, we Introduce new perspectives, ideas, challenge and problem solving to cover blind spots through rare and divergent traits. This boosts innovation, collaboration, change, risk management and strategic excellence.

These firms understand their core values are perceived differently from human to human and embrace that uniqueness in order to drive more holistic value and develop more advanced corporate strategies. Highly marketable to any community, change is seamless for these naturally sustainable social enterprises that help to grow economies equitably and consistently deliver their mission by living and breathing an authentic corporate system built around real meritocracy and love for humanity. Deilightful Cultures.

  • Actions not words: Values authenticity. Behaviour vividly matches claims. Keeps all promises.

  • Fueled by Meritocracy: Values uniqueness and social mobility. Horizontal heirarchies, equitable pay schemes linked to accountability.

  • Financial Outlook: Strategic wisdom will outperform any competing model. Values, skills and marketplaces are constantly adapted to keep pace with change organically.

  • Purpose for Existence: Authentic businesses with higher Humna-linked purposes than extrinsic wealth. Service excellence delivered uniformly.

  • Culture and Climate: Competitiveness through cultural excellence emanates acceptance, collaboration, innovation and psychological safety. Experimental and highly adaptable.

  • Change is continuous: Safe, effective and meaningful.

Tired trying to fit in? Stand out instead

Make more of a difference. Create better leaders, strategies, cultures, teams, discoveries, ideas, decisions and results.

For legitimately curious minds, our 5 Sapient Free Will abilities – underpinned by the full uniqueness, authenticity, perspectives and sapient True Leadership of the entire Human Race, past and present - are now at your full disposal. Lacking extrinsic illusions as we are and with only 3% of Human Potential remaining to power our Sapient Change Engine, we are very short of capacity. Therefore the biggest and best positive changes, accompanied with meaningful forms of intrinsic or extrinsic reciprocity (i.e. help us scale up to help more of Humanity) will attract our attention first.

  1. Make a difference to any, or indeed all things

  2. Discover more about yourself, any question you've ever wanted answered

  3. Discover how to self actualize and reach your full potential

  4. Discover the science of Change and join a Change Making revolution

  5. Discover the threat to Humanity and help save it form the apocalypse

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