Conclusive Answers: How to stop the war in days

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Last updated: December 31st, 2023

Conclusive Answers: How to stop the war in days

Tanks in Gaza’s streets… well intended and tireless though they may have been, your efforts sadly didn’t stop the war. At this 11th hour - the darkest in Palestine's history - why not try something different? Before there is nothing left of Palestine to fight for. By publishing our change plan and strategy guide, we've gifted the keys to a Free Palestine for anyone who truly wants it.

Bad doctors treat symptoms. Good doctors cure disease

Though hardly anyone noticed, in November, we published the Israel Hamas War Report. We hoped it would circulate on merit. After all, its the only comprehensive report into the war and its causality made public globally. If the war were a fatal illness then our report provides the full diagnosis and cure to any good doctor. Sadly, despite sending it to the stop coalition - 50 organisations claiming to represent Palestine's interests - just one replied and only to acknowledge receipt.

How can we ever expect Israel to listen to us if we can’t even listen to each other?

Our report gifts you a specific, targeted and rapidly deployable mechanism to stop the war, prevent further loss of life, deliver fairness and accountability, bring justice and secure lasting peace for the people of both Palestine and Israel. In particular:

  • Deploys breakthrough science to isolate all current and historic causal triggers that led to war alongside full evidence, and provides the remedy.

  • Discloses for the first time evidence the war and its backers are unfunded, thus applying ratcheting devaluation pressure on financial markets until peace is agreed.

  • Adds the possibility of a ‘win-win’ outcome and success, where currently none exists… for anyone.

Most crucially, it is now the only path to peaceful resolution and a positive future for Palestine left available. But why is that exactly?

Every action requires an equal and opposite reaction

Today, not a single one of the 14-causal triggers we've isolated is even being discussed publicly. The narrative is so twisted and polluted (towards the lie this is all Palestine's fault) that determining the true misdeeds that must be unwound to provide for peace is now impossible for anyone. Except us that is.

Our Change Plan and Strategy Guide explains how any one can stop the war in days.

Be curious. Become Deilightful.

Meaningful Change: Keys to peace in the Middle East
Meaningful Change: Keys to peace in the Middle East

Unique insights from the Change Engine, the Israel Hamas War Report shares the findings of our in-depth, apolitical, impartial, independent investigation. Never attempted before, it deploys breakthrough science to identify and explain the wars 14 causal triggers alongside full evidence. Plus it tables the only viable resolution that can appease both sides and deliver lasting peace, alongside options for humans worldwide to help add the (now) possibility of a win-win outcome for everyone. Peace. It starts with us.

Israel Hamas War Report: Your questions answered...
Israel Hamas War Report: Your questions answered...

We're answering your questions on our report as they come in...truthfully, openly, directly and conclusively. Which makes a nice change! This page includes instructions for submitting questions, guidance on our process, a list of any report amendments or retractions born from submitted questions, and the list of Q&A responses so far.

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