Expect the unexpected: The Origins of Oppression

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Last updated: August 12th, 2023

Expect the unexpected: The Origins of Oppression

Why White Lives Matter

Musical genius and forever agent provocateur, Ye's (formerly, Kanye West's) career still would not have been possible without the huge goodwill and support he enjoys from black communities. But rather than gratitude, he's manifested a rare incidence of 'White Denial' outside of the white community, having taken to sporting his now ill-fated commercial brand 'White Lives Matter' t-shirts.

Though regretful and potentially harmful - given his status and influence - it's hard to be too heavy handed with Ye when you consider one of the side effects of his diagnosed Bipolar Disorder (a form of Neurodiversity, formerly Manic Depression) is poor decision-making. In his case, he appears unable to differentiate his individual privilege inflators against those of 'ordinary' black vs white people.

He's in good company. Until we start talking about the elephant in the room, we have no way of saving it.

Boys don't cry. They die

Often a social faux-pas, we rarely acknowledge the one lone group that appears to be benefiting asymmetrically to the determent of all others from Oppression. But White Heterosexual Men also suffer some of the severest consequences for their silent complicity in this illegitimate system that hoards them disproportionate rights and opportunity at the expense of the other 96% of their fellow Humans. Around the world, they consistently account for 70% of all suicides and mental illness remain consistently the highest compared to any other demographic community worldwide.

Men commit suicide 3.6x more often than Women, with White Men more than doubly at risk versus those of non-white ethnicity. Rather than being the victors of Oppression, Heterosexual White Men are in fact being specifically and systematically targeted and Dehumanised worldwide by the true cause of Oppression.

A brief history of Money and Modern Banking

Ask any banker and we'll tell you that Money is an extrinsic measure and store of value plus medium of exchange and deferred payment that has existed safely for at least 5,000 years. It allows us to value and trade anything and everything from a pencil to a Human life without need for a bartering system. During that time, Empires have risen and fallen without posing an existential crisis to Humanity. Victors saw intrinsic value in other nations and wanted to either harness (capture) it or neutralize (destroy) it. The circle of life is after all the balance of things.

But if that were still true, why are people gambling their livelihoods on investing in Bitcoin? Why are people being fined a 'medium of exchange' for misdemeanours like parking tickets that are clearly socially inequitable and disproportionate to the services rendered? The answer is that Money has become something else. You see in a world run on money, those who control the money control the world. All poor behaviours stem from valuing the facade of things, not the interior where true value derives.

Modern Banking and Money Supply emerged in the 17th and 18th centuries, in Patriarchal, White Western Europe societies, with the Bank of England becoming one of the first to issue banknotes in 1695. It's an industry that by and large has been designed, controlled and delivered by Heterosexual White Men since its inception, undoubtedly unintentionally without full regard to the interests of other groups of Human's. For example, it was the power house that fueled the expansion of the British Empire and Colonialism, with a number of major British Banks like HSBC being initially established in the 19th Century to finance trading routes with the Far East.

Pictured: Bank CEO's meet on the sidelines of Munich Security Conference in 2022

Pinpointing the source of all Oppression

Simple Money Transmission wasn’t profitable. So banks commoditised money into a product in its own right by creating exotic services like Discounting and Hedging that suddenly made extrinsic value coveted over all else. This set a precedent that has and continues to permeate modern life in ways very few understand but which will ultimately prove fatal for Humanity.

Today's banking system isn’t administered by some omnipotent super computer fairly assessing needs and risks to make rational decisions, about mortgage rates, laws and regulations, loan approval financial models or redundancies. Instead, it's boardroom after boardroom of repressed men and occasionally assimilated white women. All are forbidden from indulging their intrinsic uniqueness or acting authentically by the Dehumanising products and workplace cultures. They are without blame, because they never had intent to cause harm. Their limited breadth of vision and empathy towards people with divergent interests to their own could never have prepared them for the consequences. From this - both the world's largest and most revenue generating sector, and a source of 6.5m jobs globally - all Oppression flows and will need mountains moved to reverse.

Targeted under their own system with simple short term goals of 3-5 years, with huge financial incentives that in no way correlate with their behaviour, capabilities or the medium-to-long-term value-destructive nature of their work that is betrayed by the negative book-value of all modern big banks. All the while they have proven too big to jail, with no criminal repercussions whatsoever from the Great Recession. All the while Financial Regulators appear asleep at the wheel and entirely complicit, with not a single one having the courage to agree to speak with me after the extraordinary events surrounding Project Speak Up. Like the banks, they too now exist sadly for one reason alone. To incept, motivate and legitimise greed and discrimination in order to justify their position and quell their repression with ignorance, at the expense of equity, sustainable business and Humanity's future.

They decide who gets promoted and who gets fired. They decide who gets the loan and how much they have to pay. They decide which village gets a new ATM and which town loses and old bank branch. They decide which company succeeds, and which conglomerate gets shut down. They decide which countries get connected to the world financial system and which continent does not.

Their decisions impact the lives of everyone in this world we all share.

Worst of all, through this system, not even they can ever reach their full potential, take pride in their accomplishments, behave in any way like Human's - uniquely and authentically - and as such they too can never be happy. We have a very big problem.

Ready to be honest with yourself?

D&I doesn't exist. It's an acronym for Humanity. But Human's don't put things in boxes that we care about, so why have we put ourselves in one? Because we no longer care about ourselves. If you want your community, organisation or the Human Race to survive, you must first find the courage to accept yourself. Then let us know what it is we can help you change.

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Expect the unexpected: The Origins of Oppression
Expect the unexpected: The Origins of Oppression

Thanks for starting the conversation Ye. We'll take it from here. Often villainised as the source of all Oppression and Inequity, White Heterosexual Men are in fact among its most tortured victims without even realising it. For the curious, we looked into why darkness only stalks those who chose to be.

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