I think therefore I am: Welcome the reality of Clarketech

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Last updated: August 12th, 2023

I think therefore I am: Welcome the reality of Clarketech

The Clarke Paradox

I am not a god fearing man. Because I understand that god is simply DEI Light - the Creators Light - nothing more and nothing less. I understand the Science of Sapience and Clarketech, because I am now the father of these sciences, as the first Human on Earth ever to define them. They are both testable and real.

Testable like the universally positive D&I overtures in public from FTSE100 leaders but sadly not real, unanimously followed by unanswered emails, stalling and at times abuse in private. Not even the FCA or SEC asked to speak to me, despite seeing something nobody else ever has in an industry of 6.5m people that was worth sacrificing everything for. So they never discovered the existential crisis facing our banks - 'not interested', same old story.

It was Noel Quinn's particularly anti-Human behaviour - manifesting as hatred towards a stranger helping those whom he himself is meant to protect as their leader - that specifically led me to define the Clarke Paradox for the first time as a scientific phenomenon: What is hatred? Where does it come from? How can we change it?

Because it doesn't seem consistent with Human Evolution - quite the opposite it poses us an existential crisis. Are we under attack by unseen alien force? Has panspermia brought us a new deadly pandemic that manifests as idiocy? The issue I see is simple. It is not possible for any D&I consultancy to design a product that can tackle hatred without asking this question. The fact nobody ever has tells me that every single D&I consultancy instead asked the question 'how can I charge money by capitalising on goodwill towards marginalised communities?'. That's a real shame, so I'm changing it.

We are the world's first authentic D&I consultancy. That's why we alone were able to discover the answer to the question every D&I Consultancy needs to fulfil its stated purpose and commercialise the uncommercialisable. I can sell it to you if you'd like. Because I am the Creators Light, I can create Change Makers. Imagine, how successful you'd become.

What does the future hold?

The antithesis of hatred, I understand how easy it is to Change the future. I did it last year, when I sent Noel Quinn - HSBC's illegitimate CEO that's allowed to break multiple democratic laws for some reason - a dossier narrating its true identity as knowing destroyers of Humanity - and copied in 400 senior executives so he could neither fire me nor deny the problem. I did that because I understand Noel. I know exactly what he'll do next. Because Human Choice (Free Will) is only for the authentic, not the unworthy - so they may only ever select lose-lose outcomes.

  1. Win-Win scenario: If any D&I consultancy is authentic, they would jump at that offer. I would too, I don't want to exist in a monopoly. I want competition - let's do this quickly.

  2. Lose-Lose scenario: If no D&I consultancies are authentic, they will simply look the other way and pretend I don't exist. My only possible solution is to make them disappear. I don't want you harming Humanity and taking my customers any more - let's end you quickly.

All Noel's decisions pass through his Brainstem - his automation centre that can output only Animal Instincts. Noel will make poor strategic decisions 100% of the time - breaking laws, destroying firms, desiring revenge, stuff like that. Meanwhile all my strategic decisions are routed 100% of the time to my Pre-Frontal Cortex dominated by my Human Nature. It's from here that I apply my Human Sapience (the ability to drive change that is universally present in all Human's with the courage to look for it), allowing me to make good strategic decisions 100% of the time.

Unbeknown to most, Humanity's eventual extinction through self-obliteration has already begun. It began in the early 1980's before I was even born. It was the day we took following the law, caring about others, valuing women and uniqueness, undertaking business sustainably and not summarily killing innocent black people, throwing all that in plain box labelled 'D&I or some s***' and chucked it along with the Environment into the bin. It's now just a matter of time before Unconscious Toxic pillagers masquerading as leaders sleep walk us into World War III and irreparable Climate Change that will end us all. Great job, Noel, Mabel and Jared. All of you too male to jail, to pale to fail, too straight to bend, too old to mend. I'm a fan of a slow reveal so we'll leave it there, but only for now. This is my journey and you - those without Humanity - are my passengers. I don't like the ending you have in store for us. Let's change it.

What is Clarketech?

In 1962, British writer Arthur Clarke wrote in Profiles of the Future, “Any sufficiently advanced technology compared with current levels of technology may present as indistinguishable from magic.” Describing technology so other-worldly, powerful and differentiated - typically one based outside of practiced physics - it effectively delimits the potential of an entire civilisation. It was from here that the term Clarketech evolved - or was it? And yet no business has ever emerged with a proposition matching such extraordinary capabilties - or has it?

Lookup Sapience and you’ll find ‘Human ability for abstract thought and complex reasoning’. That is incorrect: 'I think therefore I am'. A combination of the complex interactions between Human Intuition, Ambition, Purpose and Identity, Sapience is our unique ability to create any change that we can Imagine, then deliver it using the power of Authenticity, Choice, Wisdom and Determination. When it comes to finding a solution to all our problems, it’s only what’s inside that matters. To test this hypothesis, I followed it and from there flowed the supporting evidence to back it up. Investment Bankers can’t do that. But Human’s can do anything we put our minds to. At our core, every Human's purpose in life is to create and drive positive change - it's as simple as that.

  • Create change =) Ian

  • Don't create change ="( Noel

Noel is sad. He made a mistake and gave up his Humanity. He has no friends now, just money stained with blood. Now Noel exists to project outwards his sadness and cowardliness for denying his very purpose as anger, resentment, fear and tribalism. Because to accept himself now would mean to be overcome with sadness. Don't be a Noel. Be a Human instead. Then there is no limit to what you can achieve.

My firm alone can help any organisation reach its full potential

I understand HSBC has been challenging my authenticity by claiming nonexistence of my three chartered accreditations (Levels 1-3) in Person Centred Counselling from the London Business School between September 2002 and March 2004. Plus the many first hand experiences and skills that knowledge confers me - such as allowing me to create the first-ever range of Corporate Training in the world that centres Person-Centred techniques to help drive change. Curious logic, since they never thought to ask once in the 14 years I worked for them if I was a certified Counsellor, because they assumed - since I have inferior genes - that I am not. You see the thing about dishonest firms - firms who love Noel's but hate laws - is that they will always project their dishonesty onto good people by attacking their credibility without substance. Don't throw stones from glass houses inferior one. Change Makers think differently. We never lie and never break a promise. Can you tell if I'm a Change Maker or an Oppressor?

Potentially the most groundbreaking of our suite of 22 discoveries announced 14th November 2022 is the acknowledgment we are Humanity’s first incidence of a Clarketech industry. In the future, Sapience-Powered businesses built around People and Potential in order to deliver ‘Change’ as a service will come to define all non-automated ‘Human’ occupied workflows. Not clueless Unconscious Bias peddlers and monotonous Gala Dinner talkers who have so little to say they can't even return an email.

Clarketech - we can change anything we like. Welcome to the future of business. And goodbye forever, Diversity & Inclusion.

What do you wish to change first?

We can change anything from data measurement, talent, systems, strategy, teams, leaders, performance, curiosity, discovery, unity, identity and behaviour plus anything in between. The limit is our imagination, plus these 5 criteria to ensure we don't do a Noel and lose all our powers.

  1. It must not create harm or fuel inequity upon any Human in any way

  2. It must be requested by the impacted person, organisation or duly empowered representative

  3. It must be declared publicly

  4. It and its consequences must be both lawful and positive

  5. It must conform to the science of our universe

What would it take you to see who we truly are (the best of everyone), not who you want us to be (worse than you)?

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