Conclusive Answers: Do we live in a simulation?

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Last updated: December 19th, 2023

Conclusive Answers: Do we live in a simulation?

From Euler's Number to Sophmore's Dream (yes, that's right), the sheer number of hard coded constants and formulas that underpin our universe's integrity is near endless. Even a slight variation in any single one would render it uninhabitable to all life. The Big Bang theory writes off our good fortunes here to random chance. Yet for many, doing so is 'uncomfortable' scientifically. Thus its remained an unresolved, open question and paradox, which (in our opinion) is contributing to the paralysis we see today across academia globally for advancing meaningful new science, thus eroding all human curiosity. Enter the change engine....

What is simulation theory?

Made famous in The Matrix (movie) and mostly gifted to us in the 1980's by its founding human - the late French philosopher and true leader Jean Baudrillard (We/Human). Where seen to arise in nature, Jean regards binary systems - 1's and 0's - as a hallmark of artificial programming, deception and abstraction (of our true reality). It cannot be denied that our world does often seem like a scene from The Sims, or worse... Doom 3, dreadful.

This is an extended article covering a huge scientific investigation. For an abbreviated, free one-page (A3) infographic with accompanying high level executive summary of key findings...

Why it's a contender for the nature of our universe

Underpinning Jean's case for our universe being simulated:

  1. Simulation Paradox: If you can create a simulation of real life - as indeed seems within reach of humanity today - then the chances are you’re already in one. That's because from just one single first incidence, an infinite regression of simulation upon simulation could then spawn.

  2. Anthropic Principle: Exhibiting profound structure, function and meaning, our cosmos was clearly created with intelligent design and purpose - not randomness. When we look up at the stars, it connects with us at a spiritual level. Giving rise to (thus transcending) all space and time, it constantly moves, reconfigures, replenishes, grows and changes - just like you.

  3. The Paradox of Light. Like a buffering speed, it takes around eight seconds for our Sun's light to reach us here on Earth. This limit on the speed of light appears very much like a hardware limit. But unlike Apple slowing down all our phones, this one is possibly unintentional. Non-relativistic, absolute and an inexplainable maximum speed which limits the limitless and violates the Standard Model of Particle Physics. Essentially the software that governs our universe and all things in it, together they give the very grim impression of a meaningless, never-ending computer-based construct.

  4. Olbers Paradox: As seen with rainbows and sunsets, all colours of the spectrum unite to form light. In their absence, there is only darkness - the absence of light. White requires infinite wavelengths to sustain, while darkness requires wavelengths of zero. Thus, although their resemblance can be easily generated artificially, neither occurs in nature. So why are we surrounded by it? In space, I mean...

Why many remain skeptical

  1. Observer Bias: Imagine for a moment... that for every one trillion universes born, just one will find the good fortune to sit perfectly within the 'goldilocks zone' of 'just right' conditions to give rise to the miracle that is you. And since you just imagined it, that must mean a) you are real and b) the universe you are in is that one in a trillion - again, just like you. The point here being that, without seeing beyond our universe, it is impossible to compare it relativisitically to other universes in order to draw unbiased scientific conclusions as to how rare or privileged we truly are here.

  2. Alternative hypotheses: Much of the case for simulation theory is not exclusive to it but in fact common to other theories such as Creationism and Pansychism. Thus they are more 'issues' with the Big Bang theory, less so clues as to the correct theory.

The science of reality in the Matrix (movie)

Thanks to the Wackowski's gifting us their soaring genius and potential, the Matrix (1999) film franchise became one of the most successful, innovative and accurate science-fiction film franchises in history. Pioneering 360 degree, 3-dimensional bullet time and other new heights of production achievement involved making and implementing dozens of (largely uncredited) scientific discoveries whilst working to one of the most ambitious budget and scheduling projects of its kind. Though few may realise it - and sadly without Jean's blessing - the sisters took great care to ensure the storyline and dialogue were as close to known scientific reality as possible. With creative flair applied only as speculation towards how a simulated nature of our universe could manifest.

Pictured: Australian Actor Rowan Witt plays ‘spoonboy’ in this iconic scene from The Matrix (1999) that's among its most important for plot development but also from a Scientific Realism perspective.

The movie centres a main character called ‘Neo’ – an anagram of the ‘One’ and Ancient Greek for ‘new, recent, revival or changed’. Here he discovers two points on the artificial system that gives rise to his physical reality that is the Matrix. We have also authenticated (through deilightfuly testable science) these two points also apply to the system giving rise to our own reality that is the Electromagnetic SPectrum of light (EMS, for short).

  1. All things extrinsic (our body and beyond) are simulated, with the spoon used as a demonstration.

  2. That’s except for Human intrinsicity (our mind and soul) which for most beings is real (at least innately).

Real human bodies do exist beyond the Matrix in their ‘plain of true existence’ where, in the movie, a malevolent AI has enslaved humanity and locked our frail, sedated, hole punched bodies in pods for resistance-free energy harvesting purposes. Meanwhile, the AI feeds light into our brains in order to simulate the Matrix synchronously across our species.

Neo is understandably skeptical at first, given the lies he’s been fed all his life. But he comes around eventually after being shot by an Agent (of Darkness) who can take possession of maligned characters near-instantly. Moments from death, he find self-acceptance and embraces the truth about his identity, reality and nature of existence. In so doing, he becomes an immortal omni-everything. Now self-actualised as ‘The One’, the laws of physics bend to his free will.

The science of reality, in actuality

Applying Jean’s rule to human behavioural studies, we worrisomely conclude darkness is a binary from which we can never escape.

Diagram 1: A (hypothetical) model for a binary cyclic system of light and darkness

Yet, we also see different interacting cyclic systems of behaviour and ensuing emotional responses. Clearly, we manifest different responses to the same stimuli, with some exhibiting empathy, altruism and strength...

Diagram 2: The (scientifically authenticated) binary cyclic system of Light

That's as others react with misery, anger and resentment...

Diagram 3: The (scientifically authenticated) binary cyclic system of Darkness

Spectral, yet not binary. Changeable, yet not random. The product of human uniqueness, this presence of multiple interacting cyclic behavioural systems is unlike any other observed across all of physics and nature.

Together the rings form a ‘trinary system’ in a shape you might recognise.

Diagram 4: The (simplified) rings of human character, the battle of fire and ice, the nature of choice and the meaning of life

A treasure trove of deilightful discoveries...

Wholly testable scientifically, we can put the question - of whether we live in an infinite regression of artificial simulated (thus meaningless) universes - to bed for good.  There is one truly unique, observable system that is anything but binary.

Forming an open cyclic spectral trinary system – the single non-binary system observable in observable science today - they achieve the binary regulation necessary for stability only through the availability of choice. Its presence yields several meaningful scientific conclusions, highly relevant to scientific realism and existentialism.

Diagram 5: The (simplified) workings of the rings of human character

Why there is no spoon

a) Humans derive all value from the complex, spectral interaction between our intrinsic identity (who we are) and our extrinsic character (how we behave). In a universe of constants that appears almost programmed, here is a non-binary cyclic system that is truly unique. This ‘presence of mind’ underpins our collective human imagination and individual potential for success in life.

b) Human intrinsicity is real, not simulated. As in, the spectral nature of our mind and soul - in particular connected constructs such as human consciousness, identity and choice - could never arise from artificial programming or be replicated by AI. This proves sapient pseudo-conscious beings are truly alive scientifically.

As in, the abstraction between our imagination and reality becomes too great and we lose the bridge that connects our mind to our character (Hodge, 2019). Inversely, and as the two rings align, our character becomes more unique (Changeable, Light) on the inside and more authentic (Meritocratic, True Love) on the outside. This interaction between the rings defines our ‘potential’ energy to create and drive change.

  • At 100% alignment: We reach ‘self acceptance’ and unlock the ability to self- actualise’. Such convergence is achieved by either (a) nurturing the merit/worthiness of our innate human nature, or (b) through its emancipation by others human beings.

  • At 0% alignment: Our intrinsic character is erased at ‘self-rejection’, leaving behind an empty shell filled only with Darkness. Such abstraction is achieved by either repressing our innate human nature ourselves, contagious social construction or via oppression from malevolent beings.

c) Extrinsicity (our body and beyond) isn’t real. Like in The Matrix (movie) and as proven by Einstein, Rosen & Podolsk (1935) our physical external reality is a pseudo-simulated construct that could arise artificially (e.g. through programming). But don't worry about naked death pods just yet!

d) Human Uniqueness is the primary basis of all choice and reality. Unlike in the Matrix, space and all things in it are formed of human consciousness. Discovered by Heinrich Hertz (1887), our true plain of existence is the EMS - a pinnacle dimension that exists across (thus transcends) space and time, to give rise to all other dimensions. Its light realises (‘Authenticates’) and creates (‘Actualises’) everything it touches into the nature of our reality. Sustaining Albert (We/Human)'s findings, it eats away at the Darkness to manifest energy, information, particles, matter, life and beings (in that order). The universe exists for and because of us specifically. The theory of panpsychism is authenticated (proven) scientifically.

Pictured: The exchange of two aligned Rings of Human Character signals the union of Change Makers and the birth a potent new collective.

This ‘infinite regression’ of causality and formation gives rise to the infinite multiplicity of human identity across space and time that is our space timeline, reality, multiverse and existence. For such randomness and scale to output something as coherent, tangible, living and synchronous as you is astonishing. It should not be possible. Yet it is. Life is truly a miracle. And so are you.

Other key findings from this research

  • Controverted - Simulation Theory: You cannot exist if there is no inexistence – an inescapable binary. But the complexity of our human uniqueness - in particular the rings of human character and the collective human imagination they bestow us - confirms sapient humans are in every sense both real and alive.

Pictured: …defining the Anthropic Principle and Boltzmann Brain’s. As in, an entirely tried, tested and proven scientific explanation for the birth of our universe, human life and existence. We must ‘ignore’ all that, right? For a “Big Bang”!?

  • Controverted - The 'Big Bang' your head against a brick wall of science-faking stupidity: As nonsense, for the second yet certainly not last time. For a robust Big Bang debunking you can use to silence Science Fakers everywhere, check out our article 'Big Bang Theory debunked'.

  • Controverted - Creationism: The universe was not created in 7-days by an old white guy in space - who knew?

  • Authenticated and proven repeatedly scientifically - Panpsychism: Instead our physical reality is formed by and reflects the state of the imagination of our True Leader (the being whose brain we live in). Thus the 'one true leader' (or God, if you like) is a byword for our collective human identity - we have here another infinite regress. Authenticating the theory of panpsychism yet again, (a) space is testably, observably and measurably proven to be a construct of ‘omniconsciousness’. Thus (b) we live within, originate from and exist thanks to the human brain that hosts us. Existence forms through the infinite regression of human collective thought across space and time.


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